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Nov. 13th, 2000 09:18 pm
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Welcome to my life. All comments, suggestions, questions and further inquiry goes here.
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Syllabus for White People to Read.

Maybe it's a bit late to be commenting, maybe it feels not topical enough as a twitter response. But I don't think yelling into the aether about my anger or railing pointlessly at the injustice is adding much. However, spreading and raising awareness of a list of things to read and educate yourself on when it comes to the state of race relations in the United States, well, that's something worth doing. Even if I only reach one other person, it's still helpful.

So go look through the list, go read some articles, and go educate yourself on the terrible state of race relations. Charlottesville isn't a surprise so much as a trend that's reached boiling point. And until we all stand up against Nazis, we just might see a resurgence.

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The eclipse glasses I picked up had the UC Berkeley stamp. It turns out it was part of the mega movie project that the Space Science Lab was doing.

My alma mater continues to be my support. :D
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So, I spent the better part of the day running from retail store to retail store looking for solar eclipse glasses. All of them sold out about 3 weeks ago. (BTW, if living in continental U.S., August 21st is a full solar eclipse across multiple states and partial eclipse in ALL of continental U.S., so get yourselves ready for it!)

Then I spent over an hour scouring over every single licensed eclipse glass seller looking for potential shipping possibility... Still all sold out.

So, as I'm continuing my search, I read that NASA handed out over 2 million eclipse glasses to local libraries to hand out to residents for eclipse viewing. So, me and housemate ran ourselves down to the local library as fast as we could and finally picked up a pair.


Thank you government supported organizations! Thank you NASA! Thank you libraries!
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I know this has concept has been done to death already, but usually it's either a "I want an Avengers themed Pokemon team" or it's "if Avengers were Pokemon trainers, here's their teams". For me, I'm looking into more at the spin-off Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. And yes, I have been playing Pokemon again recently. And no, I still don't like the way they balanced the leveling speed. However, it does get me start thinking really weird ideas as I work through the battle-catch-challenge routine.

Without further ado, let's get to the Poke-assignment. XD

Also, yes, I'm totally planning for NaNoWriMo right now. I'm gonna actually try to participate and complete this year. )

Okay, I'm going to leave off here. I know I'm still missing the Guardians of the Galaxy crew, Thor people, and Dr. Strange cast, but this thing is getting long enough. I'll make one for those guys sometime later. And yes, the reason I'm writing all this down is so that I can have a reference for myself come NaNo. XD

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Everything looks horrible. Why mounts? Why swords for engineers? Why eles running two attunements? Why necro spilling life force everywhere? Why axes on mesmers? Did the rev change at all? Why is a sniper called a deadeye? (But also, clearly need to re-make Bucky into a thief so he can be sniper. Clearly.)

The only thing that looks remotely interesting is that Guardians are finally getting tomes back as a thing and Rangers are merging with pets, so finally getting the pet bonus without dealing with the super awkward pet skill, but now pets can't help tank and, also, lazy weapon designs much?


Oh, and I also watched the video about the new story, which tells us pretty much nothing. And what we can glean from the description is that the story is stupid. We're going to be running around "forming a new coalition", which is just PR speak for doing the same old bullshit. Talk to NPCs, do some more fetch quests, fight against more monsters, and then fight Balth as the big bad. Oh and Palawa Joko is going to have an undead army, which I'm going to guess we'll have to fight, too. They keep saying it's going to be interesting, but don't say what is so interesting about running around smacking monsters ad nauseum.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I feel very disappointed look at the new expansion, which sounds like it's just more and more and more of the same. Are we ever going to get a chance to get some insight to actual story? Like...I don't know, character tensions? Our newly formed Dragon's Watch is already having issues in the living story, are we going to get to follow these characters? How will they and the old Destiny's Edge deal with each other? Are we actually going to deal with the fall out? Is Taimi ever going to find a cure? No, it's not enough to just say, oh, we'll bring back some old characters that players have got to known and then leave it at that.

Intra-party conflict is what you need to keep the tension going. Just because there's an external threat doesn't mean it's interesting if your villain keeps being new and underdeveloped and has an opaque motivation. If your story is riding on "we don't know why the villain is being villainous" you have a fucking story problem. Fix it. Fix it ASAP!

Honestly, I wasn't planning on writing nearly as much as I did on this, because at this point I feel so sick of Guild Wars and its bullshit. But every time I think about it, I have so much rant. Stopping now.

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Ffff, omg, so cute, what is this even?

Just sharing something ridiculously adorable because, y'know, we need it these days.

Edit: Apparently, there is a Pikachu bed. Is it wrong that I want it? It looks so comfortable!

Edit2: I need this Pikachu/Ketchup OTP song for my ringtone. I don't even care what that says about me. I need it.

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The 22 rules of writing from Pixar.

Basically, yeah. Gonna copy-paste it down for myself so that I have something to reference in the future.

22 rules )

In other news, I've recently learned that Dreamwidth supports Markdown (you just need to write !mardown at the beginning on a separate line in the entry box), which is supposed to be a much easier thing to use than HTML, at least when it comes to formatting and writing on the web. I've been testing it out a bit, and I think there's some serious re-adjustment needed. I think in terms of pure writing, yeah, markdown makes it easier, when you don't have to type all the <i> <b> tags whenever you want to write something, instead being able to use a simple * to emphasize and stuff is really nice. However...

I feel like I'm getting so used to writing with HTML formatting at this point, it's not actually saving me much more time. Granted, it's always annoying during preview when I'm like "wait, why are my text suddenly all gone" due to an unclosed <i> tag, but it's practically second nature for me now a-days to call on the necessary HTML tags, and switching over the markdown feels almost cumbersome. Not to mention when copy-pasting into a <blockquote> is so much easier when using HTML. But, as I look over my writing, I definitely feel like...dang, it would be so much easier if I just used markdown to format most of this.

Gah. Can't decide which is easier. =.=

(This entry was written with Markdown.)

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So, after talking to housemate some more about Wonder Woman, we came to a horrifying realization.

Man of Steel - Superman is portrayed as alien!Jesus.
Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman is portrayed as girl!Jesus.

Justice League trailer had one scene confirming that Aquaman had been bringing FISH to feed an ENTIRE VILLAGE.

Which means, Aquaman is going to be water!Jesus. There will probably be some walking on water scene in this movie.

And that makes Flash speed!Jesus.

Green Lantern is going to be space!Jesus.

Cyborg, I can only imagine, will be black!Jesus.

So Batman is going to be the only non-Jesus character, unless Snyder gets his fanboi hard on and decides to go full GOD-Mode on Batman. So it's going to be BatGod.

It's the Jesus League. *puke*
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Advanced apologies to those CBR forum mods on my f-list, but that website is still filled with idiocy nearly 2 decades later. >.<

15 MCU Roles That Absolutely Need To Be Recast

Some of them, I agree with. Others, not so much. Let's go down the list together.

15. Captain America
Just because Evans is retiring from superhero movies (and has expressed wanting to do more directing, less acting, NOT moving onto more "serious" movies thank you very much), doesn't mean you can re-cast Captain America. Move the mantle forward, sure, but making Captain America a legacy title is not recasting. Don't be an idiot.

14. Hawkeye
Again, legacy character DOES NOT EQUAL RECAST. All we're doing is bringing in more diversity, and the world sorely needs more female superheroes.

13. Ant-man
Again, bringing in a new character is not recasting. You keep saying that word, but I don't think you know what it means. And really? I don't think we need more Ant-man. Instead, let's get more Wasp action.

12. Iron Man
First, RDJ will probably get digitally remastered if he continues to play Tony Stark. Second, it's gonna be really fucking weird seeing someone not RDJ picking up the Tony Stark character. However, I agree that they will have to replace RDJ at some point, because MCU ages slower than the real world and sooner or later, it's just not going to fly. But I think they're better off just putting off any more Iron Man rather than re-casting to continue the story. Also, how does putting Don Cheadle into the Iron Man suit solve anything when Cheadle is about the same age? Don't be idiotic.

11. Jane Foster
Now this is literally the first actual correct use of the world "recast". Do we need Jane Foster in MCU? Probably not. But if they insist on keeping Jane Foster, then please, yes, find someone with more chemistry with Hemsworth. Ugh.

10. Starhawk
It was a cameo. I don't really know how you can judge someone's acting chomps from a cameo. I honestly thought it was good natured enough of Stallone to even bother showing up for the filming and wearing silly costumes. Also, no desire to see more of Starhawk, so no, I do not think there's a need to recast.

9. Iron Fist
The first MCU flop was The Incredible Hulk. But, moving past that, yes, Iron Fist needs to be recast ASAP.

8. Nick Fury
Fuck you. There's not enough representation as is. And it's Samuel L. Jackson. Why would you recast? What is wrong with you?

7. Loki
The only real "need" here is that Tom Hiddleston has come out and already said he doesn't want to continue on as Loki, very similar to Chris Evans' stance. But, unlike Steve Rogers, who is human and must look a certain way, Loki is a godly shapeshifter who really can look however he damn well pleases. So recasting is easily acceptable.

6. Hulk
Again, do you even know what "recast" means? Hulk has already been recast. And bringing in Red Hulk and She-Hulk is not a recast. What is wrong with you?

5. Elektra
Look, bad script does not mean the actor is bad. And if the actor isn't bad a recast isn't going to solve shit if the script continues to suck. Veto.

4. Groot
Do you even know how voice tuning works? No, you will be able to recognize that something sounds off. Listen to classic Alvin and new Alvin from the Chipmunks franchise. They are still different. Yes, we can tell. Shut up. Also, Vin Diesel as Groot is awesome and should not be touched.

3. Cassie Lang
Now you're just being stupid. If your only hope is for more Cassie Lang in future Ant-man stuff, just remember the tiny kid in Iron Man 2 is supposed to be Peter Parker. By the time they're ready for teenage Cassie Lang, her actress will become age appropriate and all will be well. Recast unnecessary.

2. Aunt May
Fuck you. No. Marisa Tomei is perfect as Aunt May. There is no reason why Aunt May should be an elderly grandmother when she is Peter's Aunt. The comics just are straight up wrong about the age of Aunt May and Marisa Tomei is much more age appropriate. Not to mention she is an awesome actor and everyone has already accepted this is MCU's Aunt May. Suck it.

1. Spiderman
Again, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT RECAST MEANS?! Wanting Miles Morales is not a recasting issue. And also, fuck you. Don't tell me you want more representation when you just suggested replacing SAMUEL L. JACKSON WITH A WHITE MAN. (See Nick Fury.) Fuck you.
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Critics hail Dunkirk as the best war movie ever, but I'm not sure if I can trust this.

See, the thing is, I have a personal fondness for Dunkirk (the historical event), because it was one of the first detailed events of WWII in the European front that I learned about. The miraculous evacuation was something no one thought was possible and had the English not pulled off the retreat, WWII just may go in a completely different direction. Therefore, I would like the even recorded with the gravitas and respect that it deserves.

Dramatizing it for box office tickets, on the other hand, does not convince me that it will be respectful enough of the near miracle pulled off by sheer human determination and ridiculous luck. So...yeah... I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about this movie.

*thumb twiddles*

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