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Nov. 13th, 2000 09:18 pm
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Welcome to my life. All comments, suggestions, questions and further inquiry goes here.
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So, I just watched the released video of the Philando Castile shooting case.

Warning: This is...super depressing. Basically, to describe what happened, a police officer pulls over a car, whose driver happens to be a black man. Black man informs police that he has a conceal permit and has the gun on his person, AS REQUIRED BY LAW.

Police officer proceed to FLIP HIS SHIT AND SHOOT THE MAN 7 TIMES.


There is no question the police at the moment was scared. The question is: WHY? Because a black man has a legal permit to carry firearm and is exercising that right, so that's enough reason to be scared?

But the craziest part is, I have to also wonder, like Trevor Noah has on the Daily Show, ARE WE WATCHING THE SAME VIDEO?

How can people sit here and justify the police officer's complete and utter freak out was normal? It's his fucking job to stay calm. It should not be the fucking civilian's job to assure the police officer.

Don't cite at me how many police officers have been shot in the line of duty. MORE BLACK MEN HAVE BEEN SHOT. THOUSANDS have been shot. So, fuck off. No, your police officer lives are NOT more important and their freak outs to protect themselves are costing civilian lives. Civilians WHO DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.

Either police forces need to increase vetting process or they need to stop arming their officers if this is how they respond to any sort of non-existent perceived threat.

Also, Fuck You America. Just Fuck You.
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All these able-bodied people need to stop using Bucky Barnes as a disability porn doll. Just fucking stop.

I'm not going to speak on behalf of disabled people, that would be stupid. But here's the problem: BUCKY IS NOT DISABLED.

If you for one second think just because Bucky has a mechanical arm makes him a disabled person, you need help. For fuck's sake, his arm functions like a regular arm. He's never had to deal with not having an arm. He didn't have to live for any amount of time with that knowledge. Hell, he's so dexterous with it that it's impossible to tell that he's got a fake arm. It acts more like an arm covered in armor than a fake prosthetic.

So no, the point is Bucky Barnes is most certainly NOT disabled. Also, as an able bodied person, I can say with great conviction that if I were able to get a replacement limb when one of my limbs got removed, I would most certainly want it. And seeing as Bucky was also an able bodied person, there is no fucking reason why he would want to give up a functioning arm.

Writing about how Bucky feels the mechanical arm dehumanizes him is utterly ludicrous and is more disrespectful towards disability than I even have words for. Just...what is wrong with you people? Disability rights activists are fighting for equal access and part of that equal access is to have high tech prosthetics to help replace missing abilities. Hell, just look how fucking happy these color blind people are when they can see color with special glasses! So don't you fucking tell me how disabled people somehow resent technology that can give them access to the same abilities of their able-bodied equals.

Just fuck you.
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If you're wondering, the reason I'm writing this in the first place is because I would like to do some self examination on what I like/dislike about games as I make my own. You are probably thinking, "But [personal profile] cashew, how can you not know what you like? Just put what you like in a game and go from there." Well, dear hypothetical reader, the reason I approach the problem via this kind of categorical analysis is because just throwing things you like about a game into a single game doesn't actually make a good game. Much like throwing ingredients together doesn't result in a meal or mixing chemicals don't necessarily result in a chemical reaction unless you know what the working mechanics are, so too goes with games. By understanding what makes a game a certain genre, I think it allows me to understand what about that genre is engaging. And since I am aware that I tend to enjoy games that are classified as "JRPG" (FF, Tales, Pokemon, Valkyria Chronicles, etc.), I think it is worth while to wrangle with what makes an RPG an RPG, and what makes an RPG a JRPG, as opposed to some other type of RPG.

So what makes an RPG? )

Okay, so that covers what is an RPG. Now comes the harder part, what is a JRPG?

This is a question without a good answer. )

P.S. By the definition I offered, Undertale is most certainly a JRPG.
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So, as I clean-up and do math on my game's data base, I'm struck with trying to figure out how to convey information to the players regarding the interaction between skills & weapons in such a way that I'm not sitting the player down to explain things in giant blocks of text, but at the same time still get across the concept of skill and weapon interaction.

For example: Daggers are fast attacking weapons, with low attack damage (how original *eyeroll*). However, I also made certain defensive skills only available when wielding a dagger in the Off-hand slot. Now I'm hit with the indecision if I should change the attack number (times you hit) to only affect when wielded in the Main Hand slot, thus forcing the player to choose between a more aggressive style (and sacrificing defense) versus a slightly more defensive style (and sacrificing offense). Or, I could go with trying to teach the player that a dagger weapon is most optimal when used as a defensive weapon and keeping the Main Hand open for much heavier hitting weapons.

Another example: Both shield and daggers are defensive weapons, however a dagger is a chance based defensive weapon that is mostly selfish - parry attacks to return damage, while a shield is fully defensive weapon that is supportive with no offensive abilities - shield party members from getting attacked, but eats a reduced amount of damage. However, at the same time, both weapons could be used offensively, depending on the character that wields it. Now, should I make the puzzle of this strategy trying to find the most optimal set up, or balance it such that regardless of the set up, the strategy is equally optimal, but the choice is a matter of chance based versus steady performance?

And in both examples, would it be better to just reduce the amount of interaction thereby making the battle mechanics easier to grasp?
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Is it wrong that the only thing I can think when I see this is: "Oh god, they're going to fuck it up aren't they? Please don't fuck up. Please don't fuck up. Please don't fuck up."

Because, y'know, only the first PoC superhero movie to come out (no, Blade doesn't count). No pressure or anything...

*squints in cynicism*

(Slightly more serious note, I did not get the same "happy vibes" from this trailer the way I got them from the Wonder Woman trailer, so...yeah, makes me a little worried. I wanted to feel "OMG it looks awesome", but right now all I feel is "eeeeeeeeh..." I have better hopes for Thor:Ragnarok than I do for this current trailer. Besides which, opening a black superhero movie with two white dudes in the trailer just does not bode well. Remember that all the other white superheroes were the FIRST thing to show up in their respective trailers, so this is very problematic.)
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So, I was keeping up a bit with the Comey testimony today and...well, the Republicans are making me depressed. Rather than focus on the fact that the POTUS has heavily hinted at the FBI director to drop an active case, thinks that it's OK to meddle with on-going investigations, and pretty much came out and demanded personal loyalty from Federal Agents...

...they're excusing gross obstruction of justice with "He's not experienced."


The point is not how experienced he is, the point is this kind of thing shouldn't have occurred to him in the first place. The fact that Trump has done these things, irrespective of what he thinks is or isn't legal, is Not The Point.


I'm...gonna need a few days away from RL.


Jun. 6th, 2017 10:32 pm
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Just spent all day trying to figure out how to make an indoor door. Ugh.

See, the thing about tiled mapping is trying to figure out how to give a sense of depth when using an overhead view and also trying to figure out how much of the character is covered up when walking through the archway.

Granted, I could choose to just make an open hole in the wall, but it looked weird so...here I am, trying to figure out how to work within the limitations of tile mapping. Ugh. (Because doing parallax mapping would be ridiculous and laggy and leave me with no time to do any form of actual game designing as all my time would be dedicated to making freaking doors.)
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Holy shit, I can see why the French voted for him. That was very, very charismatic and befitting of a president. Unlike what the US currently has in office. >.>
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Hey, do you like science and funny videos that are fact-checked rigorously? If so, then check out Minute Earth, where science, puns, and youtube meet. Seriously, go watch them.
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As of writing, Wonder Woman scored 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Could the DCEU actually be turning back and rescuing itself from Snyder's drudgery? Will we see brightly colored DC comic superheroes now? Or is this just an outlier?

Either way, I really, really want to like Wonder Woman and I'm really hopeful that I can.

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