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No, Steve, you do not get to do a PSA about fitness when everything fit about you came out of a bottle.


On the other hand, everything about this trailer makes me go "nononononono", because it feels too "grimdark". I mean, yeah, I know that Spiderman stories had always been kinda depressing, but one of the things that Marvel did right with their cinematic universe is to retain an overall more light-hearted tone. Even in the darkest moments, there were still decent moments of humor and, for the most part, the themes remained down to earth. This film feels too much like it's trying to go for "serious and mature" when the writing staff hasn't really shown that it's capable of that. Six writers for this screenplay, does not bode well.

Also, also. Tony Stark needs to get out of these movies. I am so, so sick of Tony Stark showing up in other people's movies and completely dominating the narrative. Enough is enough.
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