Jan. 30th, 2017

cashew: Picture of Riza Hawkeye emptying her guns at the viewer (FMA // die)
So, just finished fully mapping Auric Basin on a Mesmer. This would not be possible on anything but a Mez. All those clones, ridiculous. Haven't tried using a necro, but seeing as minions go on cooldown after they die while clones go on cooldown after generation, I'm going to guess mesmers have it easier than necros when it comes to tanking those champion bosses.

Meanwhile, the engineer continues to require being dragged across all content. *sadface*

(To be slightly fairer, Mez is running Soldiers armor, which is much tankier, but engie is running celestial, which is pretty damn tanky, too. Also, feedback kills projectiles so fast, it's not even funny.)

As of writing, I have now map completion of three of the four map zones in HoT, one on engie, one on mez, and one on guardian. Which now begs the question of who will complete the final map, Dragon Stand. Supposedly, Dragon Stand is easier to do map completion, because the meta clears the map? I have no freaking clue. Eh.

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