Feb. 8th, 2017

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Moar GW2 ramblings.

Ran the last Auric Basin multi-loot yesterday and did a quick math to see how much, on average, multi-loot was getting me. I basically sold everything on the TP at buy order price to get immediate feedback, since buy order and sell order are more or less equalized with maybe a 5% difference at this point. Anyway, my point is that this is definitely low-balling the actual income. A slight increase (somewhere around 10%) is probably a more realistic expectation for those who do the math and stuff.

Point is, after selling everything, I counted something like 8 gold income. In 20 minutes. Now, to be fair, you can only run this like...12 times a day at max, although most people probably on run once a day, because...well, limited time. Anyway, the multi-loot squad I joined was probably a good middling size, since I've been in squads with as many as 11 maps open at once and as few as three. Basically, it's all in the luck of the draw and also the time of day. On average, each map I looted yielded something like 1.3 gold, again, this number will probably be higher if I had slightly more patience to wait for things to sell.

In comparison, Silverwastes gets you about the same amount of gold in about an hour. An hour. And that's doing nothing but chest runs. If running meta, the income is definitely even lower, more around the 5-7 gold range, depending on how many rares you can pull out of the maze after the meta.

Also, I have yet to see a precursor drop for me. The numbers are ridiculously low. I'm also surprised at how many precursors there actually are on the TP and extrapolate that to the number of bags that needed to be opened...wow. Just...mind is blown.

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