Feb. 10th, 2017

cashew: Kohane looking over her shoulder at a glowing piece of snow (xxxHolic // winter)
Soooo. Got to Lake Doric. Fully mapped the area without using guides, so proud of myself. Some of those things were tricky.

Anyway, found my way into a particular hard to access outpost platform (no stairs, had to do some really weird jumps to get on there) and decided to start dancing. I also realized that if you swap weapons while dancing, you can actually dance with weapons instead of stowing them. Hence piccie of engineer dancing with pistol and shield )


Farmed my ass off and got the necessary 50 jade shards to buy the bloodstone savant's staff. Was going to give it to my mesmer, but then decided on my elementalist instead. So. Pictures. )
And yes, I have changed the outfit on the elementalist...again. I just can't decide how I want to dress her. So she's been eating up all my transmutation charges. D'oh.

Aaaand, bought the devoted great sword for Mezzie. Piccie here )
Made an offer that's 12g lower than listed price and someone decided to sell it to me. Yay! Still pretty expensive at 55g, but still. It's still cheaper than the price of the guardian's staff, which costed me over 100g. XD

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