Mar. 7th, 2017

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Saw a reddit comment that placed elementalist over engineer in terms of button pressing (active play) and I have to say, my experiences are a bit different. For example:

Want to heal? On an ele, wield staff press 6. Need more? F2->5. Even more? Press 3. Even, even more? Wait 5 seconds, F2 again. Want even more? Dead. On an engie, press 6, quick press 6 again! Need more? F1. Even more? Switch to flame thrower (for me usually 8), press 2, quick press 2 again! Even, even more? F1. Want even more? Double tap 4 (if shield) or switch to elixir gun (for me usually 7), press 4. Still need more? If in elixir gun, press 5 directly, otherwise, swap to elixir gun, press 5. Still not dead and need another round? F2 (elixir gun toolbelt). Fuck, dying? Don't worry, 6 is up again.

Want to do damage? On an ele, wield staff, F1->5->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->F1->2->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->F1->2->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->repeat. On an engie, wield dual pistols plus flame thrower (7), bomb kit (8), grenade kit (9), mortar (10). Okay, you ready? F3->F5->7->4->double tap 2->8->2->F4->F2->weapon swap->4->3->10->weapon swap->2->F3->8->2->3->7->double tap 2->10->2->weapon swap->2->3->F5->7->4->double tap 2->8->3->2->...wait, which skill is up now?

So...yeah. No, I really don't think ele is higher than engie in terms of button pushing. Now, to be fair, it's likely ele requires more skill (attack cancel, dodge, invuln, etc.), but in terms of sheer button pushing? Engie is pretty much heads and shoulders above everyone else.


Mar. 7th, 2017 08:06 pm
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I'm glad that my feelings towards the majority of the raid only weapons is "ew, ugly". However...

Sloth-hunting Hammer, I wants it. T_T

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