May. 6th, 2017

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For those who don't speak Chinese, here's a quick summary:

Dude name Xu Xiaodong won the MMA (mixed martial arts) championship and had a lot of fans. He said stuff like "90% of traditional Chinese martial arts is bullshit" and "Taiji Quan is a fake". This incited the ire of some Taiji practitioners, one of whom, Lei Lei, decided to challenge him. Unfortunately, Lei Lei - the challenger - was defeated in less than 20 seconds. This made Xu Xiaodong even more boastful and he proclaimed "traditional Chinese martial arts has no real combat abilities and these schools are just for show". (Another article reported that he called Bruce Lee a fake.)

Following this proclamation, multiple schools of martial arts have come out to challenge him, including but not limited to Shaolin, Wudang, E'mei (少林、武当、峨嵋). (Bruce Lee's school, aka Ip Man's school, aka Yong Chun - 咏春, basically shrugged and said "whatever, he's not as good as he thinks he is.") In response, Xu decided that there were too many people challenging him so he's not going to answer to any challenge. Also, he claims that he's not targeting those traditional practitioners, but rather the fakes like Chen Qian (the first article).

Chen Qian pretty much said "Okay, you and me fight."

Long story short, they agreed to a time and place and two hours or so before the fight, Xu announced he's suffering from a flare-up from an old injury and cancelled said fight.

Meanwhile, the Chinese netizens have expressed a huge range of different responses both supporting and decrying Xu's boast/ego/actions.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, the Chinese journalists are digging into Xu's background in martial arts and it is revealed that he did not study at the Beijing Atheletic Institute as he proclaimed, but rather merely attended some open classes the Institute held for the general public. In other words, he was never admitted as a student at the Institute. So there's that.

My response? What is this? A Wuxia novel? o.O

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