May. 13th, 2017

cashew: dude with sunglasses looking confused (Misc // Haa?)

Halp. Yadda yadda basically, download, unzip, double click Game.exe in the TestProject folder to play. (Windows Only.)

If you find bugs, weird things, getting stuck, let me know so I can go continue bash my head against the game code.

Also looking for feedback on:
1. Intuitiveness: Could you figure out the controls? Is there too much/too little explanation?

2. Balance: Monsters too hard/easy? Skills are useless? Leveling up takes too long?

3. Polish: Anything that sticks out and is distracting? Dangling codes? Screen flashing? Inconsistent text colors/turns of phrase/typos?

Basically, getting feedback as I go, so I can build moar. Anyway, halp meeeeee... Please and thank you. :)

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