Jun. 8th, 2017

cashew: Picture of Robin (Dick Grayson) being emo because of Batdickery (DCU // emorobin)
So, I was keeping up a bit with the Comey testimony today and...well, the Republicans are making me depressed. Rather than focus on the fact that the POTUS has heavily hinted at the FBI director to drop an active case, thinks that it's OK to meddle with on-going investigations, and pretty much came out and demanded personal loyalty from Federal Agents...

...they're excusing gross obstruction of justice with "He's not experienced."


The point is not how experienced he is, the point is this kind of thing shouldn't have occurred to him in the first place. The fact that Trump has done these things, irrespective of what he thinks is or isn't legal, is Not The Point.


I'm...gonna need a few days away from RL.

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