Jun. 20th, 2017

cashew: Picture of Riza Hawkeye emptying her guns at the viewer (FMA // die)
All these able-bodied people need to stop using Bucky Barnes as a disability porn doll. Just fucking stop.

I'm not going to speak on behalf of disabled people, that would be stupid. But here's the problem: BUCKY IS NOT DISABLED.

If you for one second think just because Bucky has a mechanical arm makes him a disabled person, you need help. For fuck's sake, his arm functions like a regular arm. He's never had to deal with not having an arm. He didn't have to live for any amount of time with that knowledge. Hell, he's so dexterous with it that it's impossible to tell that he's got a fake arm. It acts more like an arm covered in armor than a fake prosthetic.

So no, the point is Bucky Barnes is most certainly NOT disabled. Also, as an able bodied person, I can say with great conviction that if I were able to get a replacement limb when one of my limbs got removed, I would most certainly want it. And seeing as Bucky was also an able bodied person, there is no fucking reason why he would want to give up a functioning arm.

Writing about how Bucky feels the mechanical arm dehumanizes him is utterly ludicrous and is more disrespectful towards disability than I even have words for. Just...what is wrong with you people? Disability rights activists are fighting for equal access and part of that equal access is to have high tech prosthetics to help replace missing abilities. Hell, just look how fucking happy these color blind people are when they can see color with special glasses! So don't you fucking tell me how disabled people somehow resent technology that can give them access to the same abilities of their able-bodied equals.

Just fuck you.

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