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I have now realized that the easiest way to get viper's exotic gear in GW2 is to do HoT story all the way up to Bitter Harvest (2nd to last mission, ugh) and get the stat gear of choice via the hot reward.

Thankfully, I've managed to cut down on half the pain, because living story rewards cover up to three different pieces: head, shoulder, gloves. Granted, if I wanted more copies, I'd have to repeat the reward track, but that's far less painful than doing HoT story ad nauseum, especially past City of Hope.

Hell, doing it up to City of Hope (for the auric weapon collection) is already slowly draining my will to live. It doesn't help that the rewards for engineer is unique from other classes, which means running through it 3 whole times. *dead*

Also, a part of me thinks I should do the collection for Dark Harvest for a cheap ascended greatsword on the necromancer, the other part of me is saying, fuck it, I have a dawn, might as well make the legendary. >.>

Edit: Random thought - do not like how raids are exclusive. Hoping that one day the raid skins will become available via reward tracks, like dungeons became available. I just want the damn mushroom hammer. Gah.

Also, crafting is actually cheaper if you take into account that there's a markup for buying off the TP. If you gather the mats yourself, you actually save something like 20ish gold. Granted, you could be selling the mats for gold instead, but...whatever. Since I have it in hand, might as well use it for something I want. *goes to chop more wood*
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As I level up another elementalist to get more auric weapons (because I'm cheap and refuse to pay money for the crafting - only 5 weapons until I finish collection...ugh), I'm getting the feel that staff is definitely better than dagger/focus, at least when it comes to survival. When running staff, I'm much more likely to kill things before I get killed, but that's probably because dagger/focus requires a lot of melee and I'm pretty out of practice with melee dodging. Also, since I've been running berserker gear, and often gear that are a quite a few levels below my level (because temp character, not going to bother to keep her geared up to snuff), the character has been really, really squishy and a slight mistake will end up killing me.

Also, the lack of stability is really annoying when faced with so many knockdowns and pulls from the risen. Of course, it's possible that when I played my first elementalist, I was running dagger/focus, but with a much tankier build and, most importantly, actual condi-damage when burning things. As I got used to playing fresh air tempest, I've completely forgotten how to play a regular ele and now am finding the staff much, much easier. The other reason is probably because AoE is much larger on staff, while dagger/focus has a much smaller AoE and therefore don't do as well in one vs. many scenarios, as is often the case in story mode.

Point is, I've definitely entrenched myself into the staff ele style and find dagger/focus actually kind of hard to play again. >.> Although, I image dagger/focus tempest running fresh air should make short work of mobs.

tl;dr - Staff ele much easier than dagger/focus. Am officially swapping over to staff ele camp.
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Okay, so after the last bitchery about class difficulty and ranking, I decided to do a little more actual breakdown of the class difficulty (in my experience, of course), taking into consideration things like excelling vs. competence, and general nuance as it were. Since I've played all the classes through to 80, unlocked all the specialization, and even went so far as to go all the way until the story end of HoT with 3 classes, one of which I deleted to make room for new characters, I say I have a good understanding of the classes in terms of general PvE. Now, sure, there's fractals/raids whatever, but that's the small percentage and I'm breaking it down more for the general populous here.

This gets long, so let's get typin'. )

And that is...longer than I wanted to go on. I'm gonna leave the elite specializations for a later analysis. @_@


Mar. 7th, 2017 08:06 pm
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I'm glad that my feelings towards the majority of the raid only weapons is "ew, ugly". However...

Sloth-hunting Hammer, I wants it. T_T
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Saw a reddit comment that placed elementalist over engineer in terms of button pressing (active play) and I have to say, my experiences are a bit different. For example:

Want to heal? On an ele, wield staff press 6. Need more? F2->5. Even more? Press 3. Even, even more? Wait 5 seconds, F2 again. Want even more? Dead. On an engie, press 6, quick press 6 again! Need more? F1. Even more? Switch to flame thrower (for me usually 8), press 2, quick press 2 again! Even, even more? F1. Want even more? Double tap 4 (if shield) or switch to elixir gun (for me usually 7), press 4. Still need more? If in elixir gun, press 5 directly, otherwise, swap to elixir gun, press 5. Still not dead and need another round? F2 (elixir gun toolbelt). Fuck, dying? Don't worry, 6 is up again.

Want to do damage? On an ele, wield staff, F1->5->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->F1->2->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->F1->2->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->repeat. On an engie, wield dual pistols plus flame thrower (7), bomb kit (8), grenade kit (9), mortar (10). Okay, you ready? F3->F5->7->4->double tap 2->8->2->F4->F2->weapon swap->4->3->10->weapon swap->2->F3->8->2->3->7->double tap 2->10->2->weapon swap->2->3->F5->7->4->double tap 2->8->3->2->...wait, which skill is up now?

So...yeah. No, I really don't think ele is higher than engie in terms of button pushing. Now, to be fair, it's likely ele requires more skill (attack cancel, dodge, invuln, etc.), but in terms of sheer button pushing? Engie is pretty much heads and shoulders above everyone else.
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By which I mean any game mode that involves pitting players against players. The only good thing about them are the reward tracks, but everything else sucks. If PvP (and WvW) were excised from the game, I think game balancing will look so much better.

Oh, and I hate, hate, hate playing against Daredevils. There's absolutely no fun in it, especially when the other side also trolls you as you're trying to get to the fucking Veteran mob for the daily WvW veteran achievement chest. Ugh. Just...hate. A pox on their name!
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Just realized the milk I bought had "gluten free" advert on the label.

Why would milk need to advertise it's gluten - a wheat based protein - free?

Stuff like this annoys me so much. It's like potato chips that advertises it's cholesterol free". Yes, I would expect something that is made from plants to be free of animal fat. Geebus.

This taking advantage of the biologically unaware makes me so angry.

Oh No!

Feb. 28th, 2017 05:06 pm
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InsaneJournal is having server issues and is down...indefinitely.

I am so, so glad I moved out of IJ and over here to DW. Quite frankly, that site has been doing pretty terribly in the past...many years, actually. Bugs have been buggy and squeaky's always been having a hard time keeping things in check, and support has almost zero follow up for years now. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for it to completely go under.

I will miss the 1000 user icon limit tho. That was really nice. ;_;
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Finally got those freaking weapons. Also realized that the selectable stats are limited. Darn. Wonder if stat-change is possible. Hm...

Meanwhile, next on the list probably should be the staves, but then that requires more map completion and I'm just not really in the mood for. Might go for the longbow instead, since I have yet to switch my Dragonhunter over to a longbow build and it seems to be pretty good for open world stuff. On the other hand, then I need to figure out how to run a bow-DH, which I'm not really finding a lot of motivation to do ever since I've bought the torch skin so my DH can get pretty snow torch. Ugh.

So many skins, so little build viability. *sadface*
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Pimping PBS Idea Channel. it.

I think it's the video equivalent of TvTropes, you just keep going and going and going and pretty soon, you realized you've wasted your entire afternoon watching videos about weird ass ideas, varying from topical things like "how to NOT spot fake news" to "laws of the internet explained". Random, fun, and just so, very informative. Seriously, you will not regret watching this.

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