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Finally watched Wonder Woman. Let's get the final verdict out of the way first, then I'll give my very spoilery review.

Final Verdict: Worth watching in the theaters. A good movie that is unfortunately held back from being great by the Zack Snyder grime clinging still to the entire production. (Zack Snyder is credited as one of the screen writers and also p.g.a.)

Wonder Woman - A Meta Review: This is why Zack Snyder needs to be removed from the entire DCEU project ASAP. Just get rid of him. )

So, when it comes down to it, the movie could have been so, so much better. But Zack Snyder, as always, ruins everything. Wonder Woman is still a good movie, but it could have been great, and that leaves me furious.
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So, I've been researching on what the newest browser world looks like, since it's been at least 10 years, if not more, since I last really took a hard look at my main web browser choice. However, after reading through much review sites, I feel justified in sticking with good ol' trustworthy Firefox.

First: Despite many, many people citing Chrome as their top browser, I find it suspiciously biased that no one is willing to point out Chrome's rather problematic privacy invasions. The most I've seen touched on is that people acknowledge that Chrome collects user data and that it's used for more streamlined "optimized" browsing and that Google, who owns Chrome, sustains itself on user information, thus is incentivized to collect the data. Yet, tech websites would bend over backwards justifying that it's okay, because you can opt out all of those invasive features, so your privacy isn't really being violated. If you know what options to turn off.

Contrast that with Firefox's opt-in policy instead. Instead of making the user go out of their way to turn off all the data they don't want to share, they instead offer to turn everything off and allow the user to turn ON the data they are willing to share. So if you're not sure if you want to share something? No sharing until you're sure. This is a much more respectful way of treating user privacy and I'm kind of offended that more web browsers don't take this as the default policy.

Then again, since Mozilla is a non-profit organization and Google is a for profit company, that probably explains why one group is more concerned with personal privacy.

Second: Of the alternate options, it seems like they are either based off of the Mozilla Firefox code or Chromium (which is the basis for but not equivalent to Chrome). Which means, all I'm really doing is changing the dressing and keeping the same salad. Maybe dressing is important to people, but for me, there doesn't seem to be any real fundamental change if the basic framework continues to be the same.

Third: From what I can tell, the biggest reason people use Chrome is because it natively interfaces with all the other google things, like drive, documents, photos, etc. However, since I rarely if ever use any of those services (I still process my words in MS Office, use encrypted Proton Mail account as my main account ever since my gmail fucked up my login somehow, and back up my data with JettaCloud instead of Google's cloud drive), well... I really only ever use the google search engine now-a-days, so...yeah. The integration aspect of Chrome doesn't really do it for me.

Finally: On my phone, I've actually disabled Chrome and native Android browser and swapped over to Opera Mini. Not only does Opera Mini give better compression and privacy, it also has a free VPN service to better protect your identity in this phishing/ID stealing world. It's also small enough that it runs fairly smoothly and apparently doesn't drain nearly as much resources as Chrome, which is notorious for running constantly in the background so as to be able to start up faster. And since I only really use my phone for calls, GPS, and messaging (all of which are achieved outside of the browser in their own separate apps), again, the integration Chrome offers me just isn't all that attractive.

Which means, after a decade and a half, the best browsing experience, for the privacy aware at least, remains Firefox. Huh. Who'da thunk?
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Twitter Users Blocked by Trump File Lawsuit

Feelings: Huh. Well, my first instinct is to say, hahah, no. First Amendment rights don't carry over to the internets, because internets is not actually public property, despite its public nature. In other words, every server, every site, every webpage is owned by a private citizen of somewhere. The only things that could potentially qualify as public are government owned sites, and those are not public blog-o-spheres.

But...since apparently North Carolina has ruled that social media constitutes as public property, well...I guess the times, they are a-changing.

We'll see how this turns out. I'm still not convinced they can win this case.
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I keep seeing this bit of fanon getting circulated around: "Bucky's bisexuality is now canon".

What. The. Fuck.

I know Steve's straightness has always been somewhat of a question, and since Marvel likes to use Steve as a moral mouthpiece on whatever the new hot button topic issue of the decade is, now he's been sorta/semi-confirmed as bisexual (at least at MCU where the directors literally came out and said Steve is the first LGBTQ-superhero and implying bisexuality), but when the fuck has anyone confirmed Bucky's bisexuality?

As far as I know, Bucky has always been 100% straight in the entire canon, movies and comics and even AUs as far as I can tell. There has never been even an implication of Bucky's bisexuality. Where is this "canon" of Bucky being bisexual?

What the hell is wrong with Tumblr. Do they even understand what canon means?

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Tumblr's Spiderman Homecoming tag is filled with fucking Tony Stark fans waxing poetic about the woobiness of Tony Stark.

I cannot believe my frikking ears.


*goes off line to hide from ridiculous*
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United Apologizes As Another Passenger Loses Seat, This One A Toddler

Seriously, what is wrong with this company?

Note to everyone: Stop booking from United. Boycott. Do what you have to and make this company go down.
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I don't even know what I should be saying at this point. It looks really, really fun. But at the same time, I can't help still feel Tony Stark is taking up too much space.

Regardless, check it out.


Jul. 2nd, 2017 10:45 am
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'Nobody saw this coming': Arrest in Chinese scholar's disappearance stuns U. of I. community

Mom told me about this over WeChat, and now I'm reading it on news. Just...WTF.

The world is a terrible place.

Honestly, what I'm shocked is that not more people are campaigning that yes, your internet actions have consequences and yes, maybe sites like these forums (and *cough*4chan*cough*) need to actually be regulated and held responsible for not immediately reporting disturbing threads. Enough of this internet privacy bullshit. These kinds of dredges of the internet is what normalizes fucked up behavior. This is what happens when misogyny is allowed and condoned by peers. Everyone who participated has a hand in this problem.
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You are a kitten in a catnip forest. You farm catnip. Then use the farmed catnip to buy catnip fields, which generate more catnip. Which then can be refined into wood and used to build houses and barns. Which attracts other cats into your forest to form a small village. Then you can assign cats to different jobs, like research, which helps you build your village into a megapolis.

Point is, this is a game that can get really, really complicated when it comes to juggling resources, micromanaging your cats, and making sure everyone stays alive and is fed while trying to progress.

I recommend using the Kitten Scientists script to help your automate/idle on your. That way you can go work, come back in a couple of hours, re-allocate your resources, then go back to work. It's oddly addictive.

I currently have managed to keep 40 kittens alive and just managed to get religion started. I'm also on year 175 and probably progressing slower than most, because I don't pay attention to it most of the time. I also accidentally killed off 23 kittens one winter due to catnip mis-management. Oops.
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Sir David Attenborough's Africa. Check it out.

Yep, that's it. Check it out. That's all I have to say.

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