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Yay! Japanese voices! Always better. XD

(Camera makes me feel a little sick watching it though. Gotta take lots of breaks.)
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Halp. Yadda yadda basically, download, unzip, double click Game.exe in the TestProject folder to play. (Windows Only.)

If you find bugs, weird things, getting stuck, let me know so I can go continue bash my head against the game code.

Also looking for feedback on:
1. Intuitiveness: Could you figure out the controls? Is there too much/too little explanation?

2. Balance: Monsters too hard/easy? Skills are useless? Leveling up takes too long?

3. Polish: Anything that sticks out and is distracting? Dangling codes? Screen flashing? Inconsistent text colors/turns of phrase/typos?

Basically, getting feedback as I go, so I can build moar. Anyway, halp meeeeee... Please and thank you. :)
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For fuck's sake. Why is it so hard for people to fucking document their code so that the rest of us can learn what the fuck is happening?


(In case you can't tell, I'm having a meltdown over the game engine. How do game developers put up with this shit?)
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So the POTUS fires the director of the FBI, James Comey, just as he's investigating him. This is not suspicious at all.

Nope. No suspicions here. What? Watergate? No, I don't see any similarity to Nixon's firing of Cox. Of course not.

Democracy at work, people.
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Leave a troll entry and tell the head of FCC we want our net neutrality. You can do it, nerds.
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For those who don't speak Chinese, here's a quick summary:

Dude name Xu Xiaodong won the MMA (mixed martial arts) championship and had a lot of fans. He said stuff like "90% of traditional Chinese martial arts is bullshit" and "Taiji Quan is a fake". This incited the ire of some Taiji practitioners, one of whom, Lei Lei, decided to challenge him. Unfortunately, Lei Lei - the challenger - was defeated in less than 20 seconds. This made Xu Xiaodong even more boastful and he proclaimed "traditional Chinese martial arts has no real combat abilities and these schools are just for show". (Another article reported that he called Bruce Lee a fake.)

Following this proclamation, multiple schools of martial arts have come out to challenge him, including but not limited to Shaolin, Wudang, E'mei (少林、武当、峨嵋). (Bruce Lee's school, aka Ip Man's school, aka Yong Chun - 咏春, basically shrugged and said "whatever, he's not as good as he thinks he is.") In response, Xu decided that there were too many people challenging him so he's not going to answer to any challenge. Also, he claims that he's not targeting those traditional practitioners, but rather the fakes like Chen Qian (the first article).

Chen Qian pretty much said "Okay, you and me fight."

Long story short, they agreed to a time and place and two hours or so before the fight, Xu announced he's suffering from a flare-up from an old injury and cancelled said fight.

Meanwhile, the Chinese netizens have expressed a huge range of different responses both supporting and decrying Xu's boast/ego/actions.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, the Chinese journalists are digging into Xu's background in martial arts and it is revealed that he did not study at the Beijing Atheletic Institute as he proclaimed, but rather merely attended some open classes the Institute held for the general public. In other words, he was never admitted as a student at the Institute. So there's that.

My response? What is this? A Wuxia novel? o.O
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Still working at it. Current progress is basic skills down...I think. Most of the buff/debuffs have been playtested on my end. Made my first dungeon, which put me into some loopy weirdness. Learning to animate more cutscenes and stuff. Also working on re-doing a lot of GUI, which is giving me a headache, because I'm learning javascript piecemeal trying to figure out what variables I can touch and which ones I can't. @_@

But, hopeful that testing version 2 will be out soon. I still got my testing volunteers, right?

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I think it goes without saying that I ship Bucky/Steve. However, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one capable of shipping and still recognizing the difference between what I want to see versus what was actually portrayed on screen.

What Tumblr fans seem to fail to understand is that the things they cite as "canon" indication of Steve loving Bucky as a lover (as opposed to a brother) are not, in fact, as such.

Example 1: Steve risks life and limb to save Bucky.
I'm sorry, are you unwilling to risk life and limb to save a close family member, like your sister, brother, father, mother, or offspring? Even fucking cats will risk life and limb for close family members, so I can guarantee you this is not a sign of Steve's undying romantic interest in Bucky. Because I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but risking a lot to save a beloved family member is not because you also want to bang them.

Example 2: Steve looses his cool when Bucky is involved.
Yeah, and Iron Man reverts to a 10-year-old child when his mother is involved. Does that mean Iron Man suddenly wants to bang his mom? No. Again, just because Steve deeply loves Bucky doesn't mean he wants that connection to be romantic. Humans are capable of deep love without sexual interest.

Example 3: Steve looks at Bucky with sexual interest.
Bzzzt. Sorry, that's your interpretation. Given that Chris Evans has come out and said that he acted with Steve and Bucky being as close as brothers, and not sexually interested, yeah, you're seeing things where there are none. You may argue that Chris Evans failed to portray that, but it doesn't change that the intent of sexual interest is never meant to be there. It's not subtext if the original author (and in this case, actor) didn't stick it in.

Example 4: Steve doesn't have super close female relationships except for with Natasha and that's a friendship.
Guess what? He doesn't have many super close male relationships either. He's only starting to grow closer to Sam and his ONLY friend pre-serum was Bucky. All it says to me is Steve sucks at having close relationships, period.

Etc. Etc.

Hell, I would even argue there's more Sam/Steve "canon" fodder than there is Bucky/Steve, if only because we get to see Steve attempt to fail-flirt with Sam, and even that is stretching it, because I dare you to tell me that you don't good naturedly rib your friends. Also, just because there's physical contact between two men doesn't make it homosexual, okay? Stop it.

It's because of fans like you, who overreact to every little sliver of male friendship that we developed a media of this macho masculine toxicity, where dudes have to act like stereotypical slobs, dressed in shitty fashion, and have zero manners to be considered manly and not "gay". Because, you know what? Homophobia is still very much a thing, so you intentionally reading something so desperately trying "not to be gay" as homoerotic subtext only drives media to respond worse. Because now they think you don't get it.

Quite frankly, from what I read, I don't blame them. I blame you.
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Things I've put down for the time being: GW2. Definitely feeling burnout. Need time away. SAB induced too much sickness and I'm still not completely over it. @_@ Also, when looking at the effort needed to get some of the stuff, I feel...blah. I mean, I still have goals and stuff, but just not really ready to dive into getting them. (Which means I have to learn to get good at the game again once I pick it up but whatever.)

Picked up: Tales of the Abyss (Undubbed - because fuck the English voices); Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (trying to finish the other two characters' stories, have already done Terra's once before); Final Fantasy IV (trying to experience this game, because this one was ridiculously popular and learning what made it attractive); Puzzle and Dragon (OMG, so behind, so many evolutions to take care of, augh!).

In the works: Tales of Vesperia (Undubbed - PS3 with lower firmware obtained for modding purposes!); Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice edition (because voices!); maaaaaaybe going to try playing the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus series at some point.

The unfortunate part of loving RPGs is that this genre is seriously time consuming. But it's so annoying playing games that don't have good stories. *sadface*
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Steve Ballmer Serves Up a Fascinating Data Trove

Some interesting quotes as follows:
“Then people say, ‘Those damn bureaucrats!’” Mr. Ballmer exclaimed, channeling the criticism that government is bloated and filled with waste, fraud and abuse. “Well, let’s look at that. People who work in schools, higher ed, public institutions of education — they are government employees.” And they represent almost half of the 24 million, his data shows.

“And you say, O.K., what are the other big blocks?” Mr. Ballmer continued. “Well, active-duty military, war fighters. Government hospitals. Really? I didn’t know that.”

Suddenly, he explained, the faceless bureaucrats who are often pilloried as symbols of government waste start to look like the people in our neighborhood whom we’re very glad to have.
At one point, as he showed me the value of certain tax deductions and blurted out, “If you look at these tax deductions for employer-provided health or for state and local taxes or mortgage-interest deductions, they’re really subsidies to the affluent, which I guess I hadn’t thought about them.”

“Take the mortgage deduction,” he continued. “This is to stimulate homeownership amongst people who are already going to own homes. That is worth, to a middle-income family, a hundred bucks a year. I was a little surprised by that. You can have your own reaction; I was a little surprised by that.”
So, what have you done for society today?

(I'm excited about getting peruse the data, but at the same time, I feel like this project is going to get ignored by 90% of the voting populace.)

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