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2000-11-13 09:18 pm

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2017-04-27 10:21 am
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Stop it, Tumblr. Not cool anymore.

I think it goes without saying that I ship Bucky/Steve. However, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one capable of shipping and still recognizing the difference between what I want to see versus what was actually portrayed on screen.

What Tumblr fans seem to fail to understand is that the things they cite as "canon" indication of Steve loving Bucky as a lover (as opposed to a brother) are not, in fact, as such.

Example 1: Steve risks life and limb to save Bucky.
I'm sorry, are you unwilling to risk life and limb to save a close family member, like your sister, brother, father, mother, or offspring? Even fucking cats will risk life and limb for close family members, so I can guarantee you this is not a sign of Steve's undying romantic interest in Bucky. Because I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but risking a lot to save a beloved family member is not because you also want to bang them.

Example 2: Steve looses his cool when Bucky is involved.
Yeah, and Iron Man reverts to a 10-year-old child when his mother is involved. Does that mean Iron Man suddenly wants to bang his mom? No. Again, just because Steve deeply loves Bucky doesn't mean he wants that connection to be romantic. Humans are capable of deep love without sexual interest.

Example 3: Steve looks at Bucky with sexual interest.
Bzzzt. Sorry, that's your interpretation. Given that Chris Evans has come out and said that he acted with Steve and Bucky being as close as brothers, and not sexually interested, yeah, you're seeing things where there are none. You may argue that Chris Evans failed to portray that, but it doesn't change that the intent of sexual interest is never meant to be there. It's not subtext if the original author (and in this case, actor) didn't stick it in.

Example 4: Steve doesn't have super close female relationships except for with Natasha and that's a friendship.
Guess what? He doesn't have many super close male relationships either. He's only starting to grow closer to Sam and his ONLY friend pre-serum was Bucky. All it says to me is Steve sucks at having close relationships, period.

Etc. Etc.

Hell, I would even argue there's more Sam/Steve "canon" fodder than there is Bucky/Steve, if only because we get to see Steve attempt to fail-flirt with Sam, and even that is stretching it, because I dare you to tell me that you don't good naturedly rib your friends. Also, just because there's physical contact between two men doesn't make it homosexual, okay? Stop it.

It's because of fans like you, who overreact to every little sliver of male friendship that we developed a media of this macho masculine toxicity, where dudes have to act like stereotypical slobs, dressed in shitty fashion, and have zero manners to be considered manly and not "gay". Because, you know what? Homophobia is still very much a thing, so you intentionally reading something so desperately trying "not to be gay" as homoerotic subtext only drives media to respond worse. Because now they think you don't get it.

Quite frankly, from what I read, I don't blame them. I blame you.
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2017-04-26 09:50 am

Gaming Update

Things I've put down for the time being: GW2. Definitely feeling burnout. Need time away. SAB induced too much sickness and I'm still not completely over it. @_@ Also, when looking at the effort needed to get some of the stuff, I feel...blah. I mean, I still have goals and stuff, but just not really ready to dive into getting them. (Which means I have to learn to get good at the game again once I pick it up but whatever.)

Picked up: Tales of the Abyss (Undubbed - because fuck the English voices); Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (trying to finish the other two characters' stories, have already done Terra's once before); Final Fantasy IV (trying to experience this game, because this one was ridiculously popular and learning what made it attractive); Puzzle and Dragon (OMG, so behind, so many evolutions to take care of, augh!).

In the works: Tales of Vesperia (Undubbed - PS3 with lower firmware obtained for modding purposes!); Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice edition (because voices!); maaaaaaybe going to try playing the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus series at some point.

The unfortunate part of loving RPGs is that this genre is seriously time consuming. But it's so annoying playing games that don't have good stories. *sadface*
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2017-04-18 05:17 pm

Cool NYT article

Steve Ballmer Serves Up a Fascinating Data Trove

Some interesting quotes as follows:
“Then people say, ‘Those damn bureaucrats!’” Mr. Ballmer exclaimed, channeling the criticism that government is bloated and filled with waste, fraud and abuse. “Well, let’s look at that. People who work in schools, higher ed, public institutions of education — they are government employees.” And they represent almost half of the 24 million, his data shows.

“And you say, O.K., what are the other big blocks?” Mr. Ballmer continued. “Well, active-duty military, war fighters. Government hospitals. Really? I didn’t know that.”

Suddenly, he explained, the faceless bureaucrats who are often pilloried as symbols of government waste start to look like the people in our neighborhood whom we’re very glad to have.
At one point, as he showed me the value of certain tax deductions and blurted out, “If you look at these tax deductions for employer-provided health or for state and local taxes or mortgage-interest deductions, they’re really subsidies to the affluent, which I guess I hadn’t thought about them.”

“Take the mortgage deduction,” he continued. “This is to stimulate homeownership amongst people who are already going to own homes. That is worth, to a middle-income family, a hundred bucks a year. I was a little surprised by that. You can have your own reaction; I was a little surprised by that.”
So, what have you done for society today?

(I'm excited about getting peruse the data, but at the same time, I feel like this project is going to get ignored by 90% of the voting populace.)
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2017-04-15 02:40 pm

Rabbit ears get!

Bought rabbit ears in GW2.

Not sure what to do with it yet, so bought them to keep around for when I figure out who's getting 'em. Probably gonna be a ranger. >.>;

Meanwhile, have lost motivation for playing GW2, probably because I burned myself out on it a month earlier and SAB made me super sick. Not feeling up for trying it again. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I'm playing a bunch of Kongregate games that feel better and reading too much fanfic. Blagh.
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2017-04-10 12:55 pm

Thor: Ragnarok trailer

Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah!

I didn't find the previous Thor movies all that entertaining, but damn this trailer looks good. Definitely want to go see it now. It actually looks, *gasp*, fun! Holy.

Also Thor's face when seeing Hulk...OMFG. That was the best, best, best bit ever. Just...look how happy he is!
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2017-03-30 09:53 pm

Not really looking forward to the new Spiderman movie

No, Steve, you do not get to do a PSA about fitness when everything fit about you came out of a bottle.


On the other hand, everything about this trailer makes me go "nononononono", because it feels too "grimdark". I mean, yeah, I know that Spiderman stories had always been kinda depressing, but one of the things that Marvel did right with their cinematic universe is to retain an overall more light-hearted tone. Even in the darkest moments, there were still decent moments of humor and, for the most part, the themes remained down to earth. This film feels too much like it's trying to go for "serious and mature" when the writing staff hasn't really shown that it's capable of that. Six writers for this screenplay, does not bode well.

Also, also. Tony Stark needs to get out of these movies. I am so, so sick of Tony Stark showing up in other people's movies and completely dominating the narrative. Enough is enough.
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2017-03-25 12:02 pm

Fic Rec: If it brings you home

If it brings you home by Kalibear
After six months of searching for Bucky, Steve asks for help from Tony, Dr Strange, and Reed Richards but the portal that was supposed to send him to a 'where' sends him to a 'when' instead.

Instead of finding the Winter Soldier, Steve finds 19-year-old Bucky. it. I do feel the ending kinda dragged on a bit, as is with fanfic - editing seems to run short all the time - but for the most part, a fun time-travel romp. Worth the read.
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2017-03-20 01:40 pm

How to design a difficult boss without resorting to HP sponges

The problem with GW2 PvE scene - I'm referring to the cooperative play aspect - is that it doesn't give a place for the many tools like boon strip, boon corrupt, and retaliation punishment. Most PvE Bosses are usually just a few big attacks, HP sponge, and...possibly a DPS check by having a timer. This is boring boss design. Here are ways that bosses could be much more interesting.

1. Damage retaliation: Give bosses a strippable/corruptable buff that retaliates damage. And unless removed, will render DPS dead in any attempts at hitting it. Lich boss in the Halloween Labyrinth was a great design that really pushed for the need of a boon strip/corruption class, giving Necros a place in PvE cooperative play.

2. Damage absorption when exceeding damage limit: if the received DPS is over a certain number, say, 20k, then have any excess damage heal the boss rather than continue damage it further. The only way to get around this is if the boss is stunned/dazed/knocked down/float (in other words, hard cc'd), thereby requiring the team to build for more than just DPS.

3. High attack speed, low attack damage: Build a boss that hits with unblockable, undodgeable AoEs that hit at like 600 damage per hit, but hits everyone 30 times per second. This forces the need for damage reduction, plus makes retaliation a useful trait to have for a boss. Confusion will actually do reasonable damage due to the high attack speed of the boss thus making the boss kill himself and the party needs to build highly defensively to simply survive.

4. Enforced battles of attrition: Give bosses regeneration that scales inversely with how many stacks of poison it has. If unpoisoned, bosses will simply heal back up. Other sources of damage merely heals the boss. The only way to defeat the boss is stay alive and attrition it to death. Give bosses healing skills, that if not interrupted/cc'd in time, would heal the boss back up to full, rendering previous work useless. Such a boss renders DPS useless and forces the players to build with sustain in mind instead.

5. Multiple bosses instead of one: Instead of making a single big boss to fight, make the "boss fight" the result of having to fight wave after wave of minions charging at you. Meanwhile, apply a health degeneration buff in the room that can be mitigated by toughness. Again, this forces the final fight into a battle of attrition, rather than focused on a spike of damage to deplete the boss' health. It also places emphasis on sustained damage rather than spike damage, as large damage spikes aren't going to make things go any faster.

6. Scale the boss to player stats, not level/numbers: Give the boss the corresponding stats which counters the team stat make up. High DPS? Exponentially grow the boss HP according to the power/condition damage stats and reduce the time allotted for the encounter. High defense? Exponentially grow the boss armor rating and attack damage. Make it such that building for an extreme will result in less efficiency as opposed to building for a middle of the road make up. There, now all your stats are useful, because the player now tunes the boss according to their armor choice.

There are plenty of more ideas that can be used to make a boss encounter difficult without resorting to scaling up more HP and require more damage. In fact, an encounter where high player damage works against the player is actually the fastest way to break the DPS-tunnel vision meta.
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2017-03-18 05:18 pm
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Reassessment - Why engineers have no weapon swap

Previously, I argued that Toolbelt is the reason we don't have weapon swap. With reading continued discussion, I've changed my mind and have to agree with the majority of players who keep arguing for kits being the reason Engineers don't have weapon swap. In fact, Toolbelt is there to compensate for the fact that Engineers use Kits instead of traditional weapons, and must use up a utility slot.

In other words, Engineers' Toolbelt is the Utility and the Utility bar is our weapon swap. And we can choose to reduce the amount of weapons we carry, and get compensated by having two skills with each utility skill we bring as a replacement.

My argument is very simple, Engineers are literally the only class in which the utility skills are not grouped by type. For every other class, the UI lists the utility skills in rows, with each row comprised of a single type of utility skill. Glyphs are all in the same row. Shouts are all in the same row. And every single class has exactly 4 non-elite utilities per type organized in a grid of 5 rows (types) x 4 columns (4 skills per type). The only exception to this rule is the Engineer, who has 5 skills for 4 utility types. The justification for this is because each utility technically is 2 skills in one, that's why there are less types of utilities.

This is the crux of the argument. Engineer utilities are not utilities in the traditional sense. That's why the Toolbelt exist, to provide the actual utilities.
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2017-03-18 10:18 am

Weapons that Caladbolg should've turned into...

Just a quick thought on Caladbolg weapons quest and how if they wanted to reward you with a free/cheap ascended weapon for any potential class, they should've picked very different weapons. My recommendation for the 5 weapons are:

Sword - meta for warriors, mesmers, guardians, revenants, rangers in at least one game mode or more

Dagger - meta for elementalists, necromancers, thieves in at least one game mode or more

Pistol - meta for engineers and thieves in at least one game mode or more

Staff - meta for thieves, elementalists, mesmers, revenants, rangers in at least one game mode or more

Hammer - meta for guardians, engineers, revenants in at least one game mode or more

With this suggestion, only necromancers get shorted in the sense of having only one weapon choice that's meta - until you realize that necromancers literally only have dagger as a meta weapon. Everything else they use is considered not-meta, so... If we're looking at sheer coverage in terms of things the class can use (irrespective of meta), it's as follows:

Sword - warriors, guardians, revenants, mesmers, rangers, thieves

Dagger - rangers, thieves, elementalists, necromancers

Pistol - engineers, thieves, mesmers

Staff - guardians, revenants, rangers, thieves, elementalists, necromancers, mesmers

Hammer - warriors, guardians, revenants, engineers

So the coverage breakdown comes to:
Thieves - 4/5
Guardian - 3/5
Revenant - 3/5
Rangers - 3/5
Mesmers - 3/5
Warrior - 2/5
Engineer - 2/5
Elementalists - 2/5
Necromancer - 2/5

Versus the current breakdown of compatibility, which is: (shield, scepter, dagger, gs, sword)
Guardian - 4/5
Mesmer - 4/5
Warrior - 3/5
Ranger - 3/5
Necromancer - 3/5
Revenant - 2/5
Thief - 2/5
Elementalist - 2/5
Engineer - 1/5 ←And not even meta!

Basically, under my proposal, Necromancer and Guardians get 33% less choice, and Warriors and Mesmers get 25% less choice; but Revenants gets 33% more choice, Thieves 50% more choice, and Engineers actually have a choice. I think that's a pretty fair pay off.

Edit to add: Mockups of what Caladbolg pistol, staff, and hammer could have looked like )
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2017-03-16 10:02 am

Viper's gear...

I have now realized that the easiest way to get viper's exotic gear in GW2 is to do HoT story all the way up to Bitter Harvest (2nd to last mission, ugh) and get the stat gear of choice via the hot reward.

Thankfully, I've managed to cut down on half the pain, because living story rewards cover up to three different pieces: head, shoulder, gloves. Granted, if I wanted more copies, I'd have to repeat the reward track, but that's far less painful than doing HoT story ad nauseum, especially past City of Hope.

Hell, doing it up to City of Hope (for the auric weapon collection) is already slowly draining my will to live. It doesn't help that the rewards for engineer is unique from other classes, which means running through it 3 whole times. *dead*

Also, a part of me thinks I should do the collection for Dark Harvest for a cheap ascended greatsword on the necromancer, the other part of me is saying, fuck it, I have a dawn, might as well make the legendary. >.>

Edit: Random thought - do not like how raids are exclusive. Hoping that one day the raid skins will become available via reward tracks, like dungeons became available. I just want the damn mushroom hammer. Gah.

Also, crafting is actually cheaper if you take into account that there's a markup for buying off the TP. If you gather the mats yourself, you actually save something like 20ish gold. Granted, you could be selling the mats for gold instead, but...whatever. Since I have it in hand, might as well use it for something I want. *goes to chop more wood*
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2017-03-14 07:21 pm

GW2 - New ele, new thoughts

As I level up another elementalist to get more auric weapons (because I'm cheap and refuse to pay money for the crafting - only 5 weapons until I finish collection...ugh), I'm getting the feel that staff is definitely better than dagger/focus, at least when it comes to survival. When running staff, I'm much more likely to kill things before I get killed, but that's probably because dagger/focus requires a lot of melee and I'm pretty out of practice with melee dodging. Also, since I've been running berserker gear, and often gear that are a quite a few levels below my level (because temp character, not going to bother to keep her geared up to snuff), the character has been really, really squishy and a slight mistake will end up killing me.

Also, the lack of stability is really annoying when faced with so many knockdowns and pulls from the risen. Of course, it's possible that when I played my first elementalist, I was running dagger/focus, but with a much tankier build and, most importantly, actual condi-damage when burning things. As I got used to playing fresh air tempest, I've completely forgotten how to play a regular ele and now am finding the staff much, much easier. The other reason is probably because AoE is much larger on staff, while dagger/focus has a much smaller AoE and therefore don't do as well in one vs. many scenarios, as is often the case in story mode.

Point is, I've definitely entrenched myself into the staff ele style and find dagger/focus actually kind of hard to play again. >.> Although, I image dagger/focus tempest running fresh air should make short work of mobs.

tl;dr - Staff ele much easier than dagger/focus. Am officially swapping over to staff ele camp.
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2017-03-08 09:56 am

Slightly more thinky class evaluation

Okay, so after the last bitchery about class difficulty and ranking, I decided to do a little more actual breakdown of the class difficulty (in my experience, of course), taking into consideration things like excelling vs. competence, and general nuance as it were. Since I've played all the classes through to 80, unlocked all the specialization, and even went so far as to go all the way until the story end of HoT with 3 classes, one of which I deleted to make room for new characters, I say I have a good understanding of the classes in terms of general PvE. Now, sure, there's fractals/raids whatever, but that's the small percentage and I'm breaking it down more for the general populous here.

This gets long, so let's get typin'. )

And that is...longer than I wanted to go on. I'm gonna leave the elite specializations for a later analysis. @_@
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2017-03-07 08:06 pm


I'm glad that my feelings towards the majority of the raid only weapons is "ew, ugly". However...

Sloth-hunting Hammer, I wants it. T_T
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2017-03-07 08:09 am

Engineer vs. Elementalist

Saw a reddit comment that placed elementalist over engineer in terms of button pressing (active play) and I have to say, my experiences are a bit different. For example:

Want to heal? On an ele, wield staff press 6. Need more? F2->5. Even more? Press 3. Even, even more? Wait 5 seconds, F2 again. Want even more? Dead. On an engie, press 6, quick press 6 again! Need more? F1. Even more? Switch to flame thrower (for me usually 8), press 2, quick press 2 again! Even, even more? F1. Want even more? Double tap 4 (if shield) or switch to elixir gun (for me usually 7), press 4. Still need more? If in elixir gun, press 5 directly, otherwise, swap to elixir gun, press 5. Still not dead and need another round? F2 (elixir gun toolbelt). Fuck, dying? Don't worry, 6 is up again.

Want to do damage? On an ele, wield staff, F1->5->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->F1->2->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->F1->2->F3->auto attack 5 seconds->F3->repeat. On an engie, wield dual pistols plus flame thrower (7), bomb kit (8), grenade kit (9), mortar (10). Okay, you ready? F3->F5->7->4->double tap 2->8->2->F4->F2->weapon swap->4->3->10->weapon swap->2->F3->8->2->3->7->double tap 2->10->2->weapon swap->2->3->F5->7->4->double tap 2->8->3->2->...wait, which skill is up now?

So...yeah. No, I really don't think ele is higher than engie in terms of button pushing. Now, to be fair, it's likely ele requires more skill (attack cancel, dodge, invuln, etc.), but in terms of sheer button pushing? Engie is pretty much heads and shoulders above everyone else.
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2017-03-04 08:05 pm

Ugh, I hate PvP in GW2

By which I mean any game mode that involves pitting players against players. The only good thing about them are the reward tracks, but everything else sucks. If PvP (and WvW) were excised from the game, I think game balancing will look so much better.

Oh, and I hate, hate, hate playing against Daredevils. There's absolutely no fun in it, especially when the other side also trolls you as you're trying to get to the fucking Veteran mob for the daily WvW veteran achievement chest. Ugh. Just...hate. A pox on their name!
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2017-03-02 09:51 am

Things which makes me headdesk

Just realized the milk I bought had "gluten free" advert on the label.

Why would milk need to advertise it's gluten - a wheat based protein - free?

Stuff like this annoys me so much. It's like potato chips that advertises it's cholesterol free". Yes, I would expect something that is made from plants to be free of animal fat. Geebus.

This taking advantage of the biologically unaware makes me so angry.
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2017-02-28 05:06 pm

Oh No!

InsaneJournal is having server issues and is down...indefinitely.

I am so, so glad I moved out of IJ and over here to DW. Quite frankly, that site has been doing pretty terribly in the past...many years, actually. Bugs have been buggy and squeaky's always been having a hard time keeping things in check, and support has almost zero follow up for years now. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for it to completely go under.

I will miss the 1000 user icon limit tho. That was really nice. ;_;
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2017-02-27 03:11 pm

Horologicus and Glint's Bastion - Get

Finally got those freaking weapons. Also realized that the selectable stats are limited. Darn. Wonder if stat-change is possible. Hm...

Meanwhile, next on the list probably should be the staves, but then that requires more map completion and I'm just not really in the mood for. Might go for the longbow instead, since I have yet to switch my Dragonhunter over to a longbow build and it seems to be pretty good for open world stuff. On the other hand, then I need to figure out how to run a bow-DH, which I'm not really finding a lot of motivation to do ever since I've bought the torch skin so my DH can get pretty snow torch. Ugh.

So many skins, so little build viability. *sadface*
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2017-02-25 09:39 pm

Idea Channel

Pimping PBS Idea Channel. it.

I think it's the video equivalent of TvTropes, you just keep going and going and going and pretty soon, you realized you've wasted your entire afternoon watching videos about weird ass ideas, varying from topical things like "how to NOT spot fake news" to "laws of the internet explained". Random, fun, and just so, very informative. Seriously, you will not regret watching this.