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Finally watched Wonder Woman. Let's get the final verdict out of the way first, then I'll give my very spoilery review.

Final Verdict: Worth watching in the theaters. A good movie that is unfortunately held back from being great by the Zack Snyder grime clinging still to the entire production. (Zack Snyder is credited as one of the screen writers and also p.g.a.)

Wonder Woman - A Meta Review: This is why Zack Snyder needs to be removed from the entire DCEU project ASAP. Just get rid of him. )

So, when it comes down to it, the movie could have been so, so much better. But Zack Snyder, as always, ruins everything. Wonder Woman is still a good movie, but it could have been great, and that leaves me furious.
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So I haven't been following the DCnU very much, because I hate, hate, hate the erasure of Dick as the original leader of the Teen Titans, the erasure of Wally's existence, the erasure of SO MANY FUCKING THINGS ACTUALLY. *deep breath* My point is, I have definite problems with the reboot. But, comics goes on and the story of all the Robins continue. So recent Robin Wars (the details of which I only know as "former Batman sidekicks all get together for a showdown against something something") has a little tidbit that intrigued me.

Batman tells each robin a single word that sums up what being a Robin meant. From first to last, the order is such:

Dick - Family
Jason - Confidence
Tim - Investigation
Damian - Suffering

Now here's where things get interesting. OMG, so much yapping. )
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Because I'm hoping to entice [personal profile] tanithryudo into this fandom. (And maybe [personal profile] ossian, too? Come join meeeeeeee. *points to previous review of Young Justice*)

'Cause Walking Gets Too Boring - Robin doesn't walk like normal people. Also restless. Batman is the only one who understands.

DeathDefying Only Actually Not Really - Robin's flips and shit scare the bejeezus out of The Team.

Linchpin - Robin is kidnapped. The Team is suitably freaked out. (Note: Personally, I found some of the circumstances a little too contrived in an attempt to drag out the kidnapping. But if you can ignore that, it's a decently fun read.)

Paternal Instinct - Robin, the boy hostage, trolls his captors. Because when your dad is Batman, you can do these things.

The Unofficial Nightmare Club - Season 2 fanfic. Baby!Team members go to Nightwing for comfort. Because, y'know, he's Nightwing.

Two Birds - (Warning: Unfinished, possibly on hiatus.) A Young Justice/Teen Titans crossover. Two Robins. What can possibly go wrong? (Hint: Everything.) (Note: I feel the Teen Titans team was vastly over powered in this particular crossover and I think there's a severe underestimation of what M'Gann can dish out and way, way over estimation of what Raven can accomplish. But other than that, the story keeps trucking along and is decently entertaining.)

Batsketball - Hand-eye coordination training in the Batfamily. Featuring Not-Dead-Yet!Jason and all the little robins. (I rarely enjoy Jason centric stories, but hell if I didn't feel bad for the kid in this one. Mostly because of how crappy it made poor Dick feel. ;_;)

Cautionary Tale - Moral of the story: do not fuck with Robin cloning. Just don't do it. Also Dick Grayson is seriously the nicest guy in the entire DC multiverse. Just sayin'.

And yes, I am aware that my fic recs bias completely towards Dick-centric stories. I can't help it, I love the guy.
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This isn't about why TDK trilogy sucked as a franchise nor is it going to go into how the adaptation failed. Quite frankly, as I've previously mentioned, Why I Hate the Dark Knight summarized it much better and is a far more comprehensive why TDK sucked both on a cinematic and storytelling level. In short, TDK (the movie) was a horrible film, period, even without taking into consideration that it's a comic book adaptation.

What I'm trying to explain is here is not why TDK is bad. What I want to explain is why I think Nolan's very vision of Batman is wrong.

It all comes back to Dick. )
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Let's Rumble! XD

Okay, a quick run down before I get to the review, A:EMH is a Disney XD cartoon series about, what else, the Avengers. There's a lot of mix-and-match, grabbing different bits of comics continuity and two full seasons of 26 episodes. YJ is a Cartoon Network cartoon series about kid sidekicks and their formation of "the team" (unnamed as of yet in the series) that is a mish-mash of Teen Titans and Young Justice, with a handful of other stuff, set on Earth 16. Currently a season and a half has been released.

Anyway, the reason to do a comparative review between A:EMH and YJ is because both series are arc based, team based, and have cartoon original universe and plots. Both shows have lots and lots of superheroes with cameos, references, but not so much that someone completely new to the story wouldn't be able to follow. And given both were released in around the same time, I think a comparison of the two series would be a good way to do a review. So without further ado, let's do this.

Avengers vs. Young Justice, throw down. )

So, Young Justice pretty much wins this round handily. Sorry, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you're going to need a lot more help to be a worthwhile competitor.

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