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As I level up another elementalist to get more auric weapons (because I'm cheap and refuse to pay money for the crafting - only 5 weapons until I finish collection...ugh), I'm getting the feel that staff is definitely better than dagger/focus, at least when it comes to survival. When running staff, I'm much more likely to kill things before I get killed, but that's probably because dagger/focus requires a lot of melee and I'm pretty out of practice with melee dodging. Also, since I've been running berserker gear, and often gear that are a quite a few levels below my level (because temp character, not going to bother to keep her geared up to snuff), the character has been really, really squishy and a slight mistake will end up killing me.

Also, the lack of stability is really annoying when faced with so many knockdowns and pulls from the risen. Of course, it's possible that when I played my first elementalist, I was running dagger/focus, but with a much tankier build and, most importantly, actual condi-damage when burning things. As I got used to playing fresh air tempest, I've completely forgotten how to play a regular ele and now am finding the staff much, much easier. The other reason is probably because AoE is much larger on staff, while dagger/focus has a much smaller AoE and therefore don't do as well in one vs. many scenarios, as is often the case in story mode.

Point is, I've definitely entrenched myself into the staff ele style and find dagger/focus actually kind of hard to play again. >.> Although, I image dagger/focus tempest running fresh air should make short work of mobs.

tl;dr - Staff ele much easier than dagger/focus. Am officially swapping over to staff ele camp.

Date: 2017-03-15 04:33 pm (UTC)
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Is dagger/focus even meta currently? I thought it was either staff or dagger/warhorn right now. D/F might be ok for solo bosses, maybe, but I don't think it's ever been the best set for general PvE. The only time I see focus being used on vids is when a small group without enough warriors is using it to stack might.

Also, for stability, I think overloads give you stability if you are able to go tempest. Aside from that there's just armor of earth, and arcane shield (stun break + block is sorta equivalent to stability).

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