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I have now realized that the easiest way to get viper's exotic gear in GW2 is to do HoT story all the way up to Bitter Harvest (2nd to last mission, ugh) and get the stat gear of choice via the hot reward.

Thankfully, I've managed to cut down on half the pain, because living story rewards cover up to three different pieces: head, shoulder, gloves. Granted, if I wanted more copies, I'd have to repeat the reward track, but that's far less painful than doing HoT story ad nauseum, especially past City of Hope.

Hell, doing it up to City of Hope (for the auric weapon collection) is already slowly draining my will to live. It doesn't help that the rewards for engineer is unique from other classes, which means running through it 3 whole times. *dead*

Also, a part of me thinks I should do the collection for Dark Harvest for a cheap ascended greatsword on the necromancer, the other part of me is saying, fuck it, I have a dawn, might as well make the legendary. >.>

Edit: Random thought - do not like how raids are exclusive. Hoping that one day the raid skins will become available via reward tracks, like dungeons became available. I just want the damn mushroom hammer. Gah.

Also, crafting is actually cheaper if you take into account that there's a markup for buying off the TP. If you gather the mats yourself, you actually save something like 20ish gold. Granted, you could be selling the mats for gold instead, but...whatever. Since I have it in hand, might as well use it for something I want. *goes to chop more wood*
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