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Is it wrong that the only thing I can think when I see this is: "Oh god, they're going to fuck it up aren't they? Please don't fuck up. Please don't fuck up. Please don't fuck up."

Because, y'know, only the first PoC superhero movie to come out (no, Blade doesn't count). No pressure or anything...

*squints in cynicism*

(Slightly more serious note, I did not get the same "happy vibes" from this trailer the way I got them from the Wonder Woman trailer, so...yeah, makes me a little worried. I wanted to feel "OMG it looks awesome", but right now all I feel is "eeeeeeeeh..." I have better hopes for Thor:Ragnarok than I do for this current trailer. Besides which, opening a black superhero movie with two white dudes in the trailer just does not bode well. Remember that all the other white superheroes were the FIRST thing to show up in their respective trailers, so this is very problematic.)
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