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Everything looks horrible. Why mounts? Why swords for engineers? Why eles running two attunements? Why necro spilling life force everywhere? Why axes on mesmers? Did the rev change at all? Why is a sniper called a deadeye? (But also, clearly need to re-make Bucky into a thief so he can be sniper. Clearly.)

The only thing that looks remotely interesting is that Guardians are finally getting tomes back as a thing and Rangers are merging with pets, so finally getting the pet bonus without dealing with the super awkward pet skill, but now pets can't help tank and, also, lazy weapon designs much?


Oh, and I also watched the video about the new story, which tells us pretty much nothing. And what we can glean from the description is that the story is stupid. We're going to be running around "forming a new coalition", which is just PR speak for doing the same old bullshit. Talk to NPCs, do some more fetch quests, fight against more monsters, and then fight Balth as the big bad. Oh and Palawa Joko is going to have an undead army, which I'm going to guess we'll have to fight, too. They keep saying it's going to be interesting, but don't say what is so interesting about running around smacking monsters ad nauseum.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I feel very disappointed look at the new expansion, which sounds like it's just more and more and more of the same. Are we ever going to get a chance to get some insight to actual story? Like...I don't know, character tensions? Our newly formed Dragon's Watch is already having issues in the living story, are we going to get to follow these characters? How will they and the old Destiny's Edge deal with each other? Are we actually going to deal with the fall out? Is Taimi ever going to find a cure? No, it's not enough to just say, oh, we'll bring back some old characters that players have got to known and then leave it at that.

Intra-party conflict is what you need to keep the tension going. Just because there's an external threat doesn't mean it's interesting if your villain keeps being new and underdeveloped and has an opaque motivation. If your story is riding on "we don't know why the villain is being villainous" you have a fucking story problem. Fix it. Fix it ASAP!

Honestly, I wasn't planning on writing nearly as much as I did on this, because at this point I feel so sick of Guild Wars and its bullshit. But every time I think about it, I have so much rant. Stopping now.

Date: 2017-08-07 08:47 pm (UTC)
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I've made my peace with mounts as a semi-replacement mechanic for gliding/bouncing mushrooms, since you don't have to have HoT to buy/play PoF. Also, it seems the new maps will be larger (even for flat areas) and probably with fewer waypoints ala LS3 maps.

Also, if it basically provides perma-swiftness without having to invest skills/traits, then I'm all for it because all of my characters right now have either one or the other locked into their build. Without having to worry about maintaining swiftness, my ranger doesn't have to be locked to playing druid or using the signet of speed, my revenant doesn't have to be locked into playing herald, my mes doesn't have to be locked into chronomancer, my engi can drop the tools traitline, and my thief/necro can drop the 25% speed signet.

The new Mez/Thief/War specs all seem to be PvP focused, and the Necro spec seems to be WvW/organised PvE focused, so I don't think you need to really worry about those classes.

Ele probably appeals to min-maxers so it's probably better to either wait for the "pro's" to deliver a verdict, or slowly ease into it...or just stick with tempest.

I haven't been able to make heads or tails of the new engi spec, so delaying judgement til the demo weekend.

Revenant got a new legend...not enough info to judge yet either.

As for story... I never expected much out of it, so whatever. It's not like I ever played the core missions for anything but the loot/unlocks. I reaaaally doubt having high expectations for a MMO's storyline is going to give you anything but disappointment.

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