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I know this has concept has been done to death already, but usually it's either a "I want an Avengers themed Pokemon team" or it's "if Avengers were Pokemon trainers, here's their teams". For me, I'm looking into more at the spin-off Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. And yes, I have been playing Pokemon again recently. And no, I still don't like the way they balanced the leveling speed. However, it does get me start thinking really weird ideas as I work through the battle-catch-challenge routine.

Without further ado, let's get to the Poke-assignment. XD

Steve (Rogers): Braviary
Steve is a shiny Braviary with the Defiant trait. (BTW: Shiny pokemon have alternate colors.) Because it's red-white-and-blue, it has a defiant ability, and it is called the "Valiant Pokemon". I mean, do I really need to explain myself anymore?
Moveset: Frustration, Sky Drop, Brave Bird, Protect
(BTW: Yes, I realize this is a thing that does not actually work in context of the game, but this isn't about being game compatible, it's about being story compatible. XD)

Bucky (Barnes): Lucario
Bucky (because, like I said before, this is not about Avengers, but the MCU) is a Lucario with the Justified trait. Steel/Fighting type, colored blue and black, it's Justified, no seriously, is there any reason this isn't Bucky? Moving on.
Moveset: Attract, Close Combat, Hidden Power, Confide
(BTW: Yes, I realize that I'm depriving him of Lucario's signature move. but it just didn't fit, themeatically.)

Peggy (Carter): Lapras
Peggy is a Lapras with the Shell Armor trait. Honestly, for me it's all about the curly things on Lapra's head and it looks a lot like Peggy's hair. And also Lapras is old (a previous, bygone era even) and was mostly for support. Lapras was also a very reliable tank for stalling while you try to heal up the rest of your team. I guess there was also the potential for Blissey, but let's face it, Peggy is not exactly the nurturing type.
Moveset: Frost Breath, Body Slam, Safeguard, Bulldoze

Sam (Wilson): Staraptor
Sam is a Staraptor with the Intimidate trait. Do you know how hard it is to find a falcon based pokemon? You wouldn't think it's so hard, but most bird pokemon are not based on the raptors. So...Staraptor it is. Also, star-raptor. It's really all about the association at this point.
Moveset: Aerial Ace, Double Team, Swagger, Steel Wing

Natasha (Romanov): Aromatisse
Natasha is a shiny Aromatisse with the Aroma Veil trait. Honestly, I had a really hard time deciding on what to set as the Black Widow. Do I go with her superhero identity and look for an arachnid based pokemon, or do I go with the actual matching of skill sets. In the end, I went with skill and type, because the Black Widow is a metaphorical name, unlike Spiderman's much more direct reference. So, since Aromatisse is a Fairy type, which were introduced specifically to counter Dragon types, thus the concept of a small, tiny, innocuous thing taking down bigger, badder things is the perfect match for Natasha's role in the MCU.
Moveset: Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Calm Mind, Trick Room

Bruce (Banner): Larvitar -> Tyranitar
Bruce, pre-Hulkification, is a Larvitar with the Guts trait. After Hulkification, Hulk is a Tyranitar with the Unnerve ability. It's a little, green, angry 'mon that turns into a big, green, scary 'mon. I think it says everything I have to say.
Moveset as Bruce: Frustration, Payback, Smack Down, Snarl
Moveset as Hulk: Thrash, Brutal Swing, Roar, Rock Slide

Tony (Stark): Scizor
Tony is a Scizor with the Technician trait. Look, it's red and yellow, covered with steel armor, is a Bug/Steel type, and has the Technician ability. Just...if that doesn't scream Iron Man, then I don't know what pokemon does.
Moveset: Iron Head, Fury Cutter, Hyper Beam, Flash Cannon
(I know, I know, putting a special attack on a physical attack based pokemon? But themes, not gameplay.)

Howard (Stark): Ambipom
Howard is an Ambipom with the Technician trait. And no, the two Starks aren't in the same evolution tree because that'd been boring and Howard is so much more of a silly character compared to his son. Plus, Howard was only ever an entrepreneur with his heart in the right place, but never risen to the status of a superhero.
Moveset: Swift, Astonish, Attract, Taunt

Rhodey (Rhodes): Aggron
Rhodey is an Aggron with the Heavy Metal trait. Tell me that doesn't look like War Machine. It's a freaking beast, as befitting War Machine.
Moveset: Heavy Slam, Autotomize, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon

Pepper (Potts): Milotic
Pepper is a Milotic with the Marvel Scale trait. Because she is calm and ready to deal with all the shit that Tony can come up with in a competent manner. Also, the ability is called "Marvel" Scale. So yeah. *badumtush*
Moveset: Captivate, Recover, Twister, Scald

Peter (Parker): Ariados
Peter is an Ariados with the Insomnia trait. Because Spiderman...and...yeah, there are plenty of other spiders that could have fit, but I thought this looked the closest to classic Spiderman design. So it's Ariados for Peter.
Moveset: Sticky Web, Bug Bite, Agility, Smart Strike
(I realize this is completely not usable. I don't care.)

Aunt May (Parker): Clefable
Aunt May, because you need her if we're gonna have Peter, is a Clefable with the Unaware ability. (Only until the end of the movie, tho!) Because...well, she's a supportive character and she kicks ass. Also because I said so.
Moveset: Healing Wish, After You, Disarming Voice, Wake-Up Slap

Vision: Porygon-Z
Vision is a Porygon-Z with the Adaptability trait.'s a digital pokemon given physical form, it's pretty much the origin of MCU Vision's story.
Moveset: Signal Beam, Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon, Magic Coat

Wanda (Maximoff?): Delphox
Wanda (is her last name still Maximoff even though Magneto doesn't exist in the MCU?) is a Delphox with the Magician trait. Because look at it! It's pretty much the Scarlet Witch as a Pokemon.
Moveset: Future Sight, Psychic, Mystical Fire, Dazzling Gleam

Pietro (Maximoff?): Ninjask
Pietro is the speedy Ninjask with the Speed Boost trait. I basically looked up the fastest Pokemon that wasn't a legendary, and behold, it is Ninjask. Who is also the second fasted pokemon, ever. Only behind the legendary Deoxy in terms of speed. So...yup.
Moveset: Agility, Double Team, Swords Dance, Baton Pass
(The only one who actually has a decent move set, although is purely supportive via Baton Pass. And the only reason is because Ninjask can't use Quick Attack. So instead I'll focus on support.)

Clint (Barton): Fletchinder
Clint is a Fletchinder with the Gale Wings trait. I'm sorry, Clint, you're the only one that's not a fully evolved pokemon, but Talonflame doesn't have "fletch" in the name and, let's face it, that's the only reason I picked this pokemon. Because fletching is a thing archers do. (To be fair, Decidueye is probably closer in terms of ability, but the fletching pun is too good not to use. I'm sure Clint is chill enough to roll with it.)
Moveset: Natural Gift, Razor Wind, Acrobatics, Roost

Scott (Lang): Durant
Scott is a Durant with the Truant trait. Because it's a Bug/Steel type, based on an ant, and it has the truant ability. This is literally Scott Lang in a nutshell.
Moveset: Bug Bite, Entertainment, Dig, X-Scissor
(It's a shame that Durant can't legally learn Minimize, or that would totally be one of the moves.)

Hank (Pym): Grimer-Alola
Hank is an Aloloan Grimer with the Power of Alchemy trait. Can you tell I'm not a fan of Hank? But I think this is actually a pretty good reflection of his personality, plus, the moveset is really fitting.
Moveset: Minimize, Knock Off, Memento, Payback

Hope (van Dyne): Vespiqueen
Hope AKA the Wasp is a Vespiqueen with the Pressure trait. Because she is the Wasp and is probably first female superhero on the Marvel side to get released, even if it's jointly with Ant-man. Point is, female only pokemon based on a wasp is a fitting cast.
Moveset: Fell Stinger, Attack Order, Quash, Destiny Bond

Okay, I'm going to leave off here. I know I'm still missing the Guardians of the Galaxy crew, Thor people, and Dr. Strange cast, but this thing is getting long enough. I'll make one for those guys sometime later. And yes, the reason I'm writing all this down is so that I can have a reference for myself come NaNo. XD

Date: 2017-08-07 08:28 pm (UTC)
tanithryudo: (Default)
From: [personal profile] tanithryudo
What about Talonflame for Sam?

Ditto or Zorua/Zoroark for Nat (what with her disguise skillz)

Clint...I dunno, I'd've gone with something that could fire projectiles. Maybe a grass type? He doesn't strike me as being the acrobat type. That's more like Mockingjay or Nat.

Alakazam for Strange? Spooons....

Thor as Zapdos and Loki as Articuno with Odin as Lugia? Or as Raikou/Suicune/Ho-oh respectively.

Mewtwo for Ultron.

Thanos as Yvetal...or one of the ultrabeasts maybe.

Deoxys are all the aliens from GotG.

Date: 2017-08-08 11:25 pm (UTC)
tanithryudo: (Default)
From: [personal profile] tanithryudo
I like Decidueye for Clint better, definitely.

The Asgardians... I dunno, not making them all legendaries just seems wrong.

For Nat, I don't think we ever saw the DCU version of her use her feminine wiles to seduce other people? I mean, she's master of disguises and throwing people off her trail but that's a different skill.

Date: 2017-08-09 01:03 am (UTC)
tanithryudo: (Default)
From: [personal profile] tanithryudo
Well, deity level beings, is what I was getting at. Legendary, in other words. :p

Nat... eh, I guess. How many pokemon can learn Attract?

Date: 2017-08-12 06:54 pm (UTC)

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