Jun. 15th, 2017

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If you're wondering, the reason I'm writing this in the first place is because I would like to do some self examination on what I like/dislike about games as I make my own. You are probably thinking, "But [personal profile] cashew, how can you not know what you like? Just put what you like in a game and go from there." Well, dear hypothetical reader, the reason I approach the problem via this kind of categorical analysis is because just throwing things you like about a game into a single game doesn't actually make a good game. Much like throwing ingredients together doesn't result in a meal or mixing chemicals don't necessarily result in a chemical reaction unless you know what the working mechanics are, so too goes with games. By understanding what makes a game a certain genre, I think it allows me to understand what about that genre is engaging. And since I am aware that I tend to enjoy games that are classified as "JRPG" (FF, Tales, Pokemon, Valkyria Chronicles, etc.), I think it is worth while to wrangle with what makes an RPG an RPG, and what makes an RPG a JRPG, as opposed to some other type of RPG.

So what makes an RPG? )

Okay, so that covers what is an RPG. Now comes the harder part, what is a JRPG?

This is a question without a good answer. )

P.S. By the definition I offered, Undertale is most certainly a JRPG.

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