Jul. 28th, 2017

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The 22 rules of writing from Pixar.

Basically, yeah. Gonna copy-paste it down for myself so that I have something to reference in the future.

22 rules )

In other news, I've recently learned that Dreamwidth supports Markdown (you just need to write !mardown at the beginning on a separate line in the entry box), which is supposed to be a much easier thing to use than HTML, at least when it comes to formatting and writing on the web. I've been testing it out a bit, and I think there's some serious re-adjustment needed. I think in terms of pure writing, yeah, markdown makes it easier, when you don't have to type all the <i> <b> tags whenever you want to write something, instead being able to use a simple * to emphasize and stuff is really nice. However...

I feel like I'm getting so used to writing with HTML formatting at this point, it's not actually saving me much more time. Granted, it's always annoying during preview when I'm like "wait, why are my text suddenly all gone" due to an unclosed <i> tag, but it's practically second nature for me now a-days to call on the necessary HTML tags, and switching over the markdown feels almost cumbersome. Not to mention when copy-pasting into a <blockquote> is so much easier when using HTML. But, as I look over my writing, I definitely feel like...dang, it would be so much easier if I just used markdown to format most of this.

Gah. Can't decide which is easier. =.=

(This entry was written with Markdown.)

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