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I was doing Tequatl (as I am wont to do, as it is the fastest money to time pay out - dungeons sometimes end up taking way, way longer than it has any right to). Anyway, usually, I arrive at the event about 15-20 minutes prior to the start so that I can find a good server. Today, however, I realized only a minute before the event started, so quickly logged into my parked character, hoping for the best. The server I managed to join into was a complete mess. Instead of the usual north/south defense and filled turrets, we ended up with half the turrets empty, an entire group of defense missing, and my party was taking on the defensive task in two different positions. Needless to say, things got crazy funky.

Amazingly, we still succeeded. Oh sure, I didn't get the two bonus chests for the defense phases, but I was surprised we didn't wipe! o.O

So yeah, I was impressed with us, given how much we were sucking through out the entire thing. XD

Meanwhile, in PAD news, I pulled a Hathor! Fully evolved, too! So now I'm brain bashing trying to figure out who will be my ultimate rainbow leader. On the one hand, U&Y definitely hits hardest and can deliver two spikes in a row, very helpful for the times when there's a mini-boss along the way. On the other hand, Isis much easier to trigger. And on the third hand, Hathor has a mini-gravity that charges relatively fast and has a ton of HP. Given the stats, I would not be surprised if Hathor get an ult evo as a physical, much like Kirin. Anyway, blahblahblah, need to focus on leveling the monsters now.
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So, last Godfest, I managed to pull another Susano, which was kind of disappointing, since I already fully awoken and evolved one already. I guess I'll be holding on to him until I have the necessary materials to evolve him into his attacker form, since currently I'm running the balanced version. Have also pulled another Yomi, which is less disappointing, since this would be extremely helpful in doing two spikes for my rainbow team.

Speaking of my rainbow team, I've swapped out Umisachi&Yamasachi for Isis (physical form), because of how much easier she is to trigger. I mean, sure, it'll be much harder to get a 4.5x multiplier on her, but I can consistently trigger the 3x to 3.5x, and about 30% of the time hit 4x. On the other hand, for the appropriate dungeons, I may run U&Y again, due to needing to sweep consistently on every floor. That'll depend on if I'm feeling up for spending like 20 minutes staring at each floor trying to solve the board.

Also, have ult-evo'd my Red Sonia. One of them. Still working on the other one. Also increased the ult-evo'd Sonia's egg count to 50+. Light Metatron has reached almost 70 eggs.

Back to the last Godfest, I managed to also pull a Muse. A blue Muse, who gives 2.5x attack to God type for one turn. So I'm working on him, too. XD A god team is pretty powerful. Sadly, I've turned Sun Quan into a Dragon/Healer in his ult-evo, but it was worth it, since he gets three extra awakenings, including time extend and two pronged attack. He is now a constant staple on my healer team.

So, there's much current PAD progress.

Now, I'm farming the gold bowl dragon dungeon like a mad person, because omg, how cute is that bowl dragon? ^o^
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Pulled three times this god fest, in hopes of something fun, but instead, I get another Suzaku. Which, at least, is a god. But then, I get a cupid and Fuu in the next two pulls.


Oh well, back to working on trying to evolve the 14 baby tamadras I have left. *facepalms*

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So, am definitely going to work towards an Ultimate Starling evo. Currently have two of each flower dragon. Will be planning to farm a ton of blue flower dragons to ensure I have a fully awaken starling for ult evo-ing, plus an extra starling just because. (I have problems.) Gonna farm for green flower dragon for pretty. Then farm the crap out of dark insect so that I can have one swallowtail for regular use (because poison is useful always), and one swallowtail (unawaken) for ult evo'ing starling. Currently have the trifruits and light bug dragon ready.

Somehow, must get my hand on a jewel of water. Not sure how this is going to happen. ;_;

*crosses fingers and waits*
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Just a list for my own organizational purposes.

Christmas Hera - lvl 51 - fully awoken
Hera-Ur - lvl 33 - no awakening, evo'd
Cao Cao - lvl 51 - fully awoken
Red Sonia - lvl max - fully awoken (+47 eggs)
Red Sonia - lvl 66 - fully awoken (+34 eggs)
Suzaku - lvl 4 - no evo (+1 egg)
Umisachi & Yamasachi - lvl 96 - fully awoken, ult evo (+48 eggs)
Neptune - lvl 52 - fully awoken, ult evo (+4 eggs)
Sun Quan - lvl 70 - fully awoken (+35 eggs)
Isis - lvl 46 - no evo (+1 egg)
Chibi Seiryuu - lvl 45 - no awakening (+1 egg)
Susano - lvl 74 - 2 awakening, ult evo
Freyja - lvl 55 - no awakening, ult evo (+2 eggs)
Metatron - lvl 86 - fully awoken, ult evo (+42 eggs)
Verche - lvl 30 - 1 awakening (+1 egg)
Amateratsu - lvl 30 - no evo
Chibi Kirin - lvl 6 - no awakening (+1 egg)
Hera - lvl 81 - fully awoken, ult evo (+16 eggs)
Yomi - lvl 60 - fully awoken, ult evo (+8 eggs)
Chibi Byakko - lvl 42 - no awakening (+2 eggs)

Tallies: 20 Gods + Godfest exclusive monsters, 252 +eggs, 4 red, 5 blue, 2 green, 4 light, 3 dark.

So, not a bad collection so far. This of course does not include monsters that are rare egg machine only but are not considered gods. Anyway, back to working on awakenings, plus eggs, and even more evo'd monsters. Plus need to make a good low cost/low rarity team.
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So, I've recently be fudging around on my new smartphone and have joined the legions of people playing Puzzle and Dragon. The game is basically Pokemon with dragons and match-3 combat mechanics. So far, I've been having fun, but after failing the same dungeon three times in a row, I'm getting a little frustrated. It's not that the game is necessarily hard so much as I keep not paying attention to the important information, thus keep wasting turns.

Anyway, this is probably a hint that I should stop and go get some exercise. Maybe some blood into my brain will help me think better. :p

(Oh, yes and I watched CA:TWS on the IMAX and it was wonderful. Definitely worth the experience. XD)

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