Jan. 18th, 2017

cashew: Nokoru looking drained with a steaming cup of tea and his fingers up in a victory sign (CCD // exhausted)
It's been nearly a week since I've come back and I'm still suffering from jet lag. I mean, I kinda anticipated this, since I know that I'm one of those people who suuuuuuck at getting over jetlag, but still. This is all very annoying.

In other news, have been catching up at GW2 and am kind of annoyed at the fact that I'm farming so many things just to be able to have access to some of the ascended trinkets that otherwise aren't buyable. Also annoyed at how slow blood rubies are compared to the winterberries. And I absolutely need those freaking rubies, because I need the amulet for my engineer. On the other hand, I'm also wondering if I should switch over to commanders amulet for the guardian, since staff is literally the only speed boost she can run. (My thoughts of retiring the staff to the ele has gone the way of the dodo as the guardian still can't leave the staff behind. Next guardian elite, some sort of speed buff, please.)

Thoughts about the ele: would like to re-gear her, since originally I went with a burn build (dagger/focus), but now I'm thinking I should've gone either celestial (staff) or straight up berserker. Ugh. But leather is so expensive to make patches. *cry* On the other hand, my ele solos a lot of shit, so...

Thoughts on necro: would like to think about putting her on scepter/dagger for full condi build. Not sure if good idea. Running her currently on hand-me-down sinister trinkets from engineer, but... Power necro better for regular PvE? I run minion build because so lazy. XD

Anyway, thoughts thoughts thoughts.

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