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In an interview, Chris Evans talked about how Bucky is the friend of youth while Sam is the friend after you grow up. And that when you're kids, you become friends just because they're there. But when you grow up, you start choosing your friends because you know who you are now.

Here's my problem with this assessment (sorry Evans, gonna have to disagree with your take here), Bucky isn't just the friend from youth. Bucky is Steve's friend, whereas Sam is Captain America's friend. Allow me to demonstrate from a set of gifs on tumblr that encapsulates the point:

(source: zendaya @ tumblr)

What unfortunately the first gif doesn't capture is that right before, Steve straight up asks Bucky, "Are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?" And Bucky's response was "Hell no." Followed by the line in the gif about following Steve Rogers into the jaws of death instead.

And that is the core difference between Sam and Bucky. For Bucky, Steve will always be Steve Rogers first, before he becomes Captain America. Whereas for Sam, Steve will always be Captain America first, before he is Steve Rogers.

Why is this important?

Because Steve Rogers and Captain America are not the same. Now, some might argue that Steve is Captain America, but that's just plainly not true. Captain America is a legacy character, a mantle that can be picked up by anyone. But Steve Rogers will only ever be Steve Rogers.

Captain America is a symbol of hope. He is good and kind and inspirational. He is someone who is utterly giving, unfailingly fair, and never without a kind word.

Steve Rogers, on the other hand, is a stubborn little punk who doesn't know when to back down from a fight. He's someone who doesn't like bullies and has a stubborn streak a mile wide. He has flaws and selfish desires and is prone to fits of jealousy and possessiveness. He is prone to making bad decisions when his temper gets the better of him. He's also not quite grown out of being a little mouthy kid from Brooklyn with a chip on his shoulder.

So Bucky is the one that sees the kid from Brooklyn with a chip on his shoulder and a stubborness that borders on foolishness, where Sam sees a national icon of all that is good, just, and fair. Sam puts Steve on a pedestal, whereas Bucky sees Steve as a human being.

Now, I'm not saying Sam won't come around to seeing Steve for the person he is under all the spangles, but the point is, for Sam, his first impression is always going to be that of a 6ft2 250lb supersoldier that single handedly saved 400 POWs. That will always be the first thing he thinks of when thinking of Steve Rogers. But for Bucky? No matter how big, how super, how ridiculously powerful Steve gets, Steve is going to forever remain that 5ft4 90lb asthmatic who refused to back down from a fight.

And that kind of first impression is going to forever color how they interact with Steve. And I think for Steve, to have one person who could see past all the supersoldier and into the person is something that's very, very important. Sam is no doubt someone he will always be indebted to, but Bucky is fucking family. It's not just about being friends for a long time, it's about how much Bucky sees into Steve that no one else will know, not without the kind of life time experience that Bucky has built up with Steve. Sure, give it another 20 years and maybe Sam will get to know Steve as well as Bucky, but right now? In the current continuity? No one knows Steve like Bucky knows Steve. No one will have the immediate knowledge of Steve and his stubborn little brain the way Bucky will know.

In short, Bucky's perspective of Steve is unique, a lens that no one else can have, and that perspective is, for Steve, irreplaceable.
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First, this is a ridiculously well timed Starbuck fanvid set to Angel With a Shotgun. Go watch it.

Second, after realizing how many variants of music vidoes have been made set to this song (current tally: 11), the sheer number sort of speaks to how approps the lyrics of this song fits for the Steve/Bucky pairing. But that's not what I really want to discuss.

I wanna talk a little about who the angel with a shotgun is. )
cashew: Baby!Cap chasing after Bucky Bear (A-babies vs. X-babies // Starbuck)
If it brings you home by Kalibear
After six months of searching for Bucky, Steve asks for help from Tony, Dr Strange, and Reed Richards but the portal that was supposed to send him to a 'where' sends him to a 'when' instead.

Instead of finding the Winter Soldier, Steve finds 19-year-old Bucky. it. I do feel the ending kinda dragged on a bit, as is with fanfic - editing seems to run short all the time - but for the most part, a fun time-travel romp. Worth the read.
cashew: Baby!Cap chasing after Bucky Bear (A-babies vs. X-babies // Starbuck)
The Size of Perfection by phoenike

Summary: The serum enhances Steve’s physical attributes to peak condition. All of them. Unfortunately, ‘enhanced’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘optimal’ or ‘something that a fella wishes to show the girl of his dreams on their wedding night.’

Funny and touching, although I thought the epilogue could have been cut in editing. But the epilogue is at the very end and only a few paragraphs, so it didn't completely ruin the experience. Anyway, point is, it's pretty lighthearted and fluffy, exactly what I needed to counter all those "but Bucky and Steve are so aaaangsty" fics.
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Bucky的早晨 by 多米诺小排骨
General premise of the story is Bucky has a different "scenario" every day that plays out during his recovery process. A bit of a crack fic on top of some fun bits. Mostly, the names are all in English, so you don't have to mentally translate them. Makes for much easier reading.

亲爱的,没必要大动干戈 by 椰子椰子掉下来;故园无声
Marriage counseling AU. Is a fun read, but will the names are all translated into Chinese, so will need to do some name juggling.
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Scraps by Lena7142, Scappodaqui, stripyjamjar, tinzelda
Personally, I recommend checking out all the stuff by Scappodaqui (and his/her associates). This author's (these authors') writing is very, very well researched. There's a lot of historical accuracy and generally realistic portrayal of what a homosexual relationship would look like back in the 1940's, when being gay could get you killed, jailed, or blue carded out of the military. I love that the writer(s) doesn't (don't) bash you over the head with social justice buzz words, and instead just let the attitudes of the characters in the story speak for the environment. Very refreshing from all the hamfisted flagwaving that fics tend to become in this fandom. Oh, also, I shamefully did not read this writer until recently, because it had such low kudos count and the summary didn't pique my interest, which is a damn shame. A severely underrated fic.
Steve and Bucky make do with what they can during the war.

Pro tip: Definitely do not stop until you at least finish the third part of this fic. Things will make so much more sense once you see the hidden meaning behind the words.
cashew: Baby!Cap chasing after Bucky Bear (A-babies vs. X-babies // Starbuck)
Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) by betty days (sadrobots)
I really liked this one. Also more baking AU.
You'd think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.

But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess.

*updated on my phone, excuse my misspelling and/or format problems.
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There's been kind of a dearth of good Cap fic recently, but there's a couple of gems that are worth reading. The fics are all going to focus on stuff posted within 2015, with a couple from the later half of 2014 that I think are really worth reading. I'm going to split the fic recs into Chinese and English fic, since this is a targeted fic rec list.

Oh, and p.s., it's all going to be Steve/Bucky, with hints of other pairings. Because...well, I'm me. XD

English fic:

All fics are going to be linked to Ao3, as I find it easier to find good quality fic there, as opposed to or Tumblr. I'll further split the fic into angst and fluff categories.

Fluff )

Angst )

Chinese fic:

All the fics here are located at movieslash forum, a Chinese fic forum. So you're going to need to sign up for an account to actually read the fic. No need to post for points, so there's that?

Chinese fics )

There's more, but since it's in a forum, trying to re-find them is proving a bit difficult. Anyway, that should be plenty of reading to tide you over for a while.
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You'll need an account to access the page, but is very easy to sign up. This is a part of a series of standalone Lawyer!AU fics.

General gist of fic: Bucky and Steve get drunk in Vegas, get married, now need to get a divorce so that Pierce can't use their marriage as an excuse to force his way back into their firm. Unfortunately, Pierce sued them for faking divorce. So the case is on. Thor is their lawyer, while Pierce hired Schmidt. Oh, and Natasha is the unfortunate judge who has to deal with this mess of a case. Sam and Clint are on the side making needless comments and complicating the whole thing. And Peggy totally gets called to the witness stand to testify.

Read it!

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