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All these able-bodied people need to stop using Bucky Barnes as a disability porn doll. Just fucking stop.

I'm not going to speak on behalf of disabled people, that would be stupid. But here's the problem: BUCKY IS NOT DISABLED.

If you for one second think just because Bucky has a mechanical arm makes him a disabled person, you need help. For fuck's sake, his arm functions like a regular arm. He's never had to deal with not having an arm. He didn't have to live for any amount of time with that knowledge. Hell, he's so dexterous with it that it's impossible to tell that he's got a fake arm. It acts more like an arm covered in armor than a fake prosthetic.

So no, the point is Bucky Barnes is most certainly NOT disabled. Also, as an able bodied person, I can say with great conviction that if I were able to get a replacement limb when one of my limbs got removed, I would most certainly want it. And seeing as Bucky was also an able bodied person, there is no fucking reason why he would want to give up a functioning arm.

Writing about how Bucky feels the mechanical arm dehumanizes him is utterly ludicrous and is more disrespectful towards disability than I even have words for. Just...what is wrong with you people? Disability rights activists are fighting for equal access and part of that equal access is to have high tech prosthetics to help replace missing abilities. Hell, just look how fucking happy these color blind people are when they can see color with special glasses! So don't you fucking tell me how disabled people somehow resent technology that can give them access to the same abilities of their able-bodied equals.

Just fuck you.
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I think it goes without saying that I ship Bucky/Steve. However, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one capable of shipping and still recognizing the difference between what I want to see versus what was actually portrayed on screen.

What Tumblr fans seem to fail to understand is that the things they cite as "canon" indication of Steve loving Bucky as a lover (as opposed to a brother) are not, in fact, as such.

Example 1: Steve risks life and limb to save Bucky.
I'm sorry, are you unwilling to risk life and limb to save a close family member, like your sister, brother, father, mother, or offspring? Even fucking cats will risk life and limb for close family members, so I can guarantee you this is not a sign of Steve's undying romantic interest in Bucky. Because I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but risking a lot to save a beloved family member is not because you also want to bang them.

Example 2: Steve looses his cool when Bucky is involved.
Yeah, and Iron Man reverts to a 10-year-old child when his mother is involved. Does that mean Iron Man suddenly wants to bang his mom? No. Again, just because Steve deeply loves Bucky doesn't mean he wants that connection to be romantic. Humans are capable of deep love without sexual interest.

Example 3: Steve looks at Bucky with sexual interest.
Bzzzt. Sorry, that's your interpretation. Given that Chris Evans has come out and said that he acted with Steve and Bucky being as close as brothers, and not sexually interested, yeah, you're seeing things where there are none. You may argue that Chris Evans failed to portray that, but it doesn't change that the intent of sexual interest is never meant to be there. It's not subtext if the original author (and in this case, actor) didn't stick it in.

Example 4: Steve doesn't have super close female relationships except for with Natasha and that's a friendship.
Guess what? He doesn't have many super close male relationships either. He's only starting to grow closer to Sam and his ONLY friend pre-serum was Bucky. All it says to me is Steve sucks at having close relationships, period.

Etc. Etc.

Hell, I would even argue there's more Sam/Steve "canon" fodder than there is Bucky/Steve, if only because we get to see Steve attempt to fail-flirt with Sam, and even that is stretching it, because I dare you to tell me that you don't good naturedly rib your friends. Also, just because there's physical contact between two men doesn't make it homosexual, okay? Stop it.

It's because of fans like you, who overreact to every little sliver of male friendship that we developed a media of this macho masculine toxicity, where dudes have to act like stereotypical slobs, dressed in shitty fashion, and have zero manners to be considered manly and not "gay". Because, you know what? Homophobia is still very much a thing, so you intentionally reading something so desperately trying "not to be gay" as homoerotic subtext only drives media to respond worse. Because now they think you don't get it.

Quite frankly, from what I read, I don't blame them. I blame you.
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So, one thing I'm tired of reading? AUs that nobody asked seriously, why would you put that in your summary? That's literally the fastest way to make me skip a fic.

Also tired of Tony apologists. People need to just accept that Tony Stark fucked up and move on. Nobody owed Tony anything and he acted like a child. That is not okay behavior.

Oh and speaking of woobie!Tony, stop blaming Howard for everything wrong with Tony. Yes, Howard was probably not the best parental figure and sure, he was probably a bit neglectful, but he is NOT an abusive father, nor did he constantly put Tony down. If anything, a lot of Tony's caustic humor probably came from Howard shooting the shit with hime. So, really, if you liked that on Tony, then realize you have to give Howard the same leeway. Tony is not some special snowflake, okay?

Also. Fuck your OT3 bs with Steve/Tony/Bucky. You don't actually care about Steve and Bucky's relationship at all. You just want yet another slavering Tony apologist. So fuck you, fan. Go kill yourself.
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So, I was browsing tumblr to see what the fangirl reactions were to the movie and, lo and behold, so much stupid. While, thankfully, the majority of the responses were "omg feelings, I can't", there are unfortunately enough uninformed opinions out there that make me want to rip my hair out.

Seeing as I'm going to be discussing the details of the movie with respect to real life logic, there's definitely going to be SPOILERS. So, everything under cut.

Everyone is stupid and nobody knows how the U.N. works. )

Ugh. Fucking Tony fans need to shut up and learn some manners.
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Like it says on the tin:

1. The asexual/ace tag in a pairing fic. Listen, idiot, you can't have a romantic relationship if there isn't sexual attraction. It's not romantic if sex isn't involved.

2. British spelling in fic that are supposed to take place in America. Because what that says to me is you don't have the dedication or willingness to check for American-isms in your fic and didn't bother to do your fucking research on how things in America work. Why should I bother reading something that didn't have any effort put in?

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Okay, I am seriously tired of seeing Cap supporting LGBT stuff in fic. Like when I see the LGBT community coming behind Cap and his partner or Cap comes out to defend LGBT rights, all I can think now is "OMG I get it. You just learned all these shiny new words and want to use them. Go use them somewhere else."

Does no one find it just a little hypocritical to be touting LGBT rights in a fic where for all intents and purposes you are changing a character's sexuality just so you can get your lady rocks off? You know, an issue where the core problem is that the majority refuse to accept the minority for something that they are born as and are constantly trying to pigeon hole them into pre-existing ideas of how people should behave to make themselves feel better about the world? "Hey, pay attention to how dehumanizing and revolting gay people are treated across the country and are afforded no legal recourse for their unequal treatment by watching these two dudes fall in love and have sex." No.

Look, I don't mind social issues being talked about in writing. I don't even necessarily mind them being discussed in fanfic, per se. But I cannot remember the last time I've read a fanfic that dealt with the issue with the dignity it deserved and not just as some shallow excuse for two people to bang each other. Because let's face it, social justice isn't fun. It is the opposite of fun. It is a demoralizing, depressing, drawn out fight against the status quo that usually end up pretty badly for most people. Behind every small success is thousands upon thousands of people who have been victimized. There is nothing relaxing or fun about social justice.

And fanfic? The whole point of fanfic is to have fun. Isn't that why we try not to tread on each other's toes? Isn't that we have a general rule of don't like, don't read? The very nature of fanfic and social justice are at opposing ends of the cynical vs. ideal spectrum, so throwing them together only serves to make the fic un-fun for those who want some mindless escapism, and horrendously offensive for those who actually are activists for their chosen issue.

Save everyone some headache and just stop trying to make these characters into your mouthpiece on a subject you don't even really know much about. And stop trying to use social justice to justify your kink/pairing/whatever. Just write and make things fun, is that so hard?
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Warning: fandom ranting on a cellphone, expect severe spelling and grammar fail.

Okay, I am sick and tired of seeing Darcy Lewis showing up in my Starbuck fics. If you do a search of the Steve/Bucky pairing tag in Ao3, you'll see that there are a ton of fics where one of the main characters is Darcy Lewis. This is driving me nuts, because it's clear the only reason she's used so much is because she's such a perfect self-insert character. Any aappeal she has is that she barely has a personality, and what is there is a general quirkiness. So a bunch of geeks found some one they can insert into/identify with, and proceed to ship the crap out of either Darcy/Bucky or /Steve. This is crap.

This us just one of the many reasons why I moved onto the Chinese fandom. At least they can be honest about their id feeding past time and own up to what it is that we want: hot guys emotion vomiting all over the place. So yeah.

Stop writing about Darcy Lewis. I am so fucking tired of seeing Darcy. I just want some straight up fluffy sweetness between Steve and Bucky, is that too much to ask?

RAR! Fandom is so disappointing.

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