Feb. 17th, 2017

cashew: Picture of Riza Hawkeye emptying her guns at the viewer (FMA // die)
Firstly, buh. I hate the last story instance so, so much. So much hate.

Secondly, I'm getting really tired of all these head gear. It's not that I'm picking on Anet for giving players free rewards, but we could really use some new pieces of chest/leg/boots. So far, we've had 5 head pieces, one shoulder piece, and one glove. Disproportionate much? Also, can the head pieces stop covering up the face? Why would we spend so many hours getting our character look just right only to not be able to see their face afterwards? Ugh.

Thirdly, the final boss fight, after nerf, was quite doable. What isn't doable is the stupid jade amor die! Ahem. The jade armor and bows reminds me: Anet needs to stop making the AI a cheating, cheating bastard. If they can interrupt us, then we, the players, should be able to interrupt them. Enough of this breakbar BS and immune to cc BS. Make all those crowd control skills actually work on them. Especially in classes where the class relies on active defense, like blinds and blocks and dazes and stuns. If those things don't work, the class has no way of protecting themselves and are unfairly balanced against in these encounters.

Finally, why must all the enemy skills track us when our skills don't do the same to the enemy. Not fair!


Meanwhile, for the first time, I'm actually suffering from a lack of unbound magic. I've had to resort to using winterberries and salvaging jade shards to get more unbound magic to buy the things I need. This is all very surprising to me. Still need to farm 1000 berries for two more underwater headpieces for Mez and Guard, then another 300 berries for another earring for Rev. Then, I think I'll take a break from the currency farm and move onto chasing more achievement points.

Oh, and working on the legendary... :9
cashew: close up picture of Minako's transformation pen (SailorMoon // pen is mightier)
Basically, I got to thinking: what would our armor combination look like if we got a chance to mix and match across armor weights?

I mean, I know people keep saying it's not possible due to how armor is designed in GW2 and the meshes will collide/clip like crazy, but...actually, take a look at what it would look like:

Sample images under cut )
Obviously, this would look better if dyed the appropriate colors, but the point is, we will get looks that are so much more unique.

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