Feb. 27th, 2017

cashew: Suzuran @ deviantart artwork - Mewvel vs. Catcom: Captain Amewrica, Iron Kitty, and Thor Purrinson (UMvC3 // Avengers)
Finally got those freaking weapons. Also realized that the selectable stats are limited. Darn. Wonder if stat-change is possible. Hm...

Meanwhile, next on the list probably should be the staves, but then that requires more map completion and I'm just not really in the mood for. Might go for the longbow instead, since I have yet to switch my Dragonhunter over to a longbow build and it seems to be pretty good for open world stuff. On the other hand, then I need to figure out how to run a bow-DH, which I'm not really finding a lot of motivation to do ever since I've bought the torch skin so my DH can get pretty snow torch. Ugh.

So many skins, so little build viability. *sadface*

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