Jun. 29th, 2017

cashew: Sumomo acting like Sumomo (Chobits // Sumomo)

You are a kitten in a catnip forest. You farm catnip. Then use the farmed catnip to buy catnip fields, which generate more catnip. Which then can be refined into wood and used to build houses and barns. Which attracts other cats into your forest to form a small village. Then you can assign cats to different jobs, like research, which helps you build your village into a megapolis.

Point is, this is a game that can get really, really complicated when it comes to juggling resources, micromanaging your cats, and making sure everyone stays alive and is fed while trying to progress.

I recommend using the Kitten Scientists script to help your automate/idle on your. That way you can go work, come back in a couple of hours, re-allocate your resources, then go back to work. It's oddly addictive.

I currently have managed to keep 40 kittens alive and just managed to get religion started. I'm also on year 175 and probably progressing slower than most, because I don't pay attention to it most of the time. I also accidentally killed off 23 kittens one winter due to catnip mis-management. Oops.

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