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I know this has concept has been done to death already, but usually it's either a "I want an Avengers themed Pokemon team" or it's "if Avengers were Pokemon trainers, here's their teams". For me, I'm looking into more at the spin-off Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. And yes, I have been playing Pokemon again recently. And no, I still don't like the way they balanced the leveling speed. However, it does get me start thinking really weird ideas as I work through the battle-catch-challenge routine.

Without further ado, let's get to the Poke-assignment. XD

Also, yes, I'm totally planning for NaNoWriMo right now. I'm gonna actually try to participate and complete this year. )

Okay, I'm going to leave off here. I know I'm still missing the Guardians of the Galaxy crew, Thor people, and Dr. Strange cast, but this thing is getting long enough. I'll make one for those guys sometime later. And yes, the reason I'm writing all this down is so that I can have a reference for myself come NaNo. XD

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The Way Out Is The Way Down by Speranza

Yup, another Speranza rec. Yup, another good one. At least, I quite enjoyed it. :D

(Warning: adult themes. But it's a CA:CW fic, did you expect anything less?)
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What it says on the tin. I feel like yapping a bit, but my brain's too tired for actual critical analysis, so this is mostly going to be some rambling.

I can say, objectively, the Captain America Trilogy is honestly the best set of movies for any of the single superhero comic book movies out there. I will even go as far as to say that together, the Captain America movies were probably even better than the ensemble movies that were put together.

Before I go on to justify and argue for why Captain America stands head and shoulders above the rest of its comic book brethren, let's first list what the competition are:

Sam Raimi's Spiderman
Jon Favreau's Iron Man
Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight
Richard Donner's Superman (better known as Chris Reeve's Superman)
Tim Burton's Batman

Naturally, there are other comic book movies, but I think it is without question that those that were not listed, did not have nearly the same kind of cultural purchase as the ones listed here and are not even within a league of these works. While there may be others out there trying to argue that the likes of Man of Steel or Batman v Superman were good movies, I think the critical ratings are more than enough to explain why they're not in the running.

Now to actually address these movies )

Why Captain America movies are awesome. Yes, even the first one. )
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Now that I've got some time to compose myself after the initial SQUEE! and FLAIL!, I think I'm ready to actually put my feelings into words.

First: I actually bothered to go track down the comics for Civil War, and it was just as terrible and bad as the people made it out to be. On the other hand, it's classic Marvel fail, so I could only expect it to be as bad as it is.

So, now that I have the comics background on which the movie will be adapting, I have some thoughts.

Oh wow, this got long. Click to read my ramblings. )
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There's been kind of a dearth of good Cap fic recently, but there's a couple of gems that are worth reading. The fics are all going to focus on stuff posted within 2015, with a couple from the later half of 2014 that I think are really worth reading. I'm going to split the fic recs into Chinese and English fic, since this is a targeted fic rec list.

Oh, and p.s., it's all going to be Steve/Bucky, with hints of other pairings. Because...well, I'm me. XD

English fic:

All fics are going to be linked to Ao3, as I find it easier to find good quality fic there, as opposed to or Tumblr. I'll further split the fic into angst and fluff categories.

Fluff )

Angst )

Chinese fic:

All the fics here are located at movieslash forum, a Chinese fic forum. So you're going to need to sign up for an account to actually read the fic. No need to post for points, so there's that?

Chinese fics )

There's more, but since it's in a forum, trying to re-find them is proving a bit difficult. Anyway, that should be plenty of reading to tide you over for a while.
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I saw Age of Ultron! :D

...and was not particularly impressed. :|

So, I guess it's time to dust off an old review style and list the good, the bad, and the ugly. As usual with my reviews, beware the spoilers.

Welcome to The Good, The Bad, The Ugly )
So, in summary, did not like very much. There were some good parts, but over all my impression was kind of negative.
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I guess it's finally here, the end of Agent Carter. It's unclear whether the show will get renewed for a second season. With the rather dismal ratings, it's very likely that the show won't get the second season it so epically deserves.

Some general impressions about the show as a whole before I go onto the finale itself. Previously, I've already mentioned the show had some pretty bad race fail. However, despite its flaws, the show still had a very positive portrayal of (white) women and people with disabilities. In addition, the production value and the acting chomps of Agent Carter is heads and shoulders above the other TV shows out there right now. Not to mention, the writing is, over all, fairly tight, although I feel that the first half was much better compared to the second half. There was some meandering and padding, but again, over all, did a much better job than most other shows.

The show, despite being a comic book show, is mostly sustained on interesting character interaction and character growth, with a fun political espionage story to drive the drama. If the general audience had been more willing to give the show a chance, I think the show would see a much higher rating. Unfortunately, given that it is Marvel, the network would inevitably be targeting the comic book crowd, who, in my experience, is generally too immature to understand good writing.

Anyway, spoilers here on out. How does the finale look?

The show was satisfying, without ending definitively, leaving a wide margin of growth while still concluding the season's story. )

All in all, an enjoyable show with writing that is heads and shoulders above the rest of the superhero fare, yes, including Agents of Shield. It has its short comings, but the over all product is still quite enjoyable.
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The Ballad Of Captain America's Disapproving Face

Previous link does not work, try this one instead.

Artist: Murder Ballads

I'm dying. I'm dying of lols. OMG!!! FFFFFFFFF! XD
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As I promised last week, my "review" of episodes 6 & 7 in one big post.

Let's get to the general thoughts: I felt that most of episode 6 was a set up for the real showdown in episode 7. Unfortunately, due to this, over half the episode was really just unnecessary padding. As with padding, the story went in a direction that made the characters' motivation and actions seem silly and the later conflict unnecessary, due to how fast the conflict was resolved and how unnecessary the conflict was in the first place for the plot to move forward. Overall, my impression was positive, but it feels like the writers are starting to run out of steam and have started falling into some classic comic book tropes, especially the PIS. The PIS is everywhere. (And so, so many flashbacks to CBR.)

Oh, and a quick address to something that's been showing up lately over tumblr regarding the extremely questionable representation of PoC in the show. While Agent Carter did a lot right, I feel that the show suffered a pretty severe case of race fail.

Ooops, this got long, so cut cut cut )

Moving onto the actual episodes in question... )

P.S. Yes, I realize this review is atrociously late. Eh, I was distracted by many other things.

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