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So I was reading up a little on recent Path of Fire expansion release and finally caught up with the new Revenant legend. I mean, I already have zero interest in the new legend, because I'm not giving up my shield on rev (for RP reasons), but I figured I should know what I'm missing out on.

[Kalla Scorchrazor?][] Who the fuck is Kalla?

I mean, I know this point has been belabored to death on the forums already, but why pick such a little known character? Why? It's not like we don't already have a prominent bow wielding female character already, Eir Stegalkin. Remember her? The one you writers fridged for the sake of advancing a male character's story?

Just... I'm all for more female characters, really, especially when you think about how the Rev's base legends are all male, it makes sense to pick some more female legends and I'm glad they're doing it, but it feels so tacked on and thoughtless. No one likes a thoughtless "quota" of female characters. Just...ugh.

Another reason to dislike GW2's direction. Unfortunately, the rest of the gamers seems to be lapping this shit up.

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Finally got it. Now the question is, do I bother wasting time trying to get the stupid druid stone? Ugh, can't decide. (Pro: orchids. Con: already have three plant based back pieces and am planning to make Melandru's bough at some point, which brings the total to four. The druid stone would make it 5 plant themed back pieces and...that's a lot of plants.)
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Basically, rant about fandom. What is wrong?

I'd like to say recently, but really it's been going on for a few years now. I'm seeing more and more of the Character/Reader type of "fanfic". I don't understand this nonsense. Why are fans so eager to read a story with a nondescript self-insert character into whom they may...well, self-insert, just so they can read about how they are being wooed, fucked, or otherwise engaged with completely fictional characters? What is the appeal of this?

I mean, I understand that sometimes girls (because let's face it, these kind of fics are almost always requested and written by girls, I've yet to see a male - gay or straight - associated with this kind of behavior) want to dream about how they're with McDreamy-flavor-of-the-month. And that's perfectly normal, sure. But why is it suddenly okay to share those id fantasies on the internet? Why is it suddenly taken for granted that all the other girls have those very same id fantasies?

Some might say that the fanfics of yore are little more than self-indulgent fantasies, too, that the shitty Mary-Sue and self-insert fics are just as self indulgent. But at least there is an acknowledgement of self indulgence here. There is an unvoiced social contract that when you write fanfic, you are writing your fantasies, not bringing to life someone else's. And most importantly, they were considered bad writing.

But with these Character/Reader type fics, the writer is explicitly stating they are writing these fantasies for the reader. But that's ridiculous, because no reader needs their own fantasies written for them, it's already playing out in their heads all the time. Zero service has been rendered, at all. And yet...for some reason, fandom is eating this shit up and being completely unabashed about it.

Are we, the fandom, just at the point where shame is no longer in our vocabulary? Are we unable to understand that fandom is not a monolith, that everyone has different kinks/tastes and want different things from their what they read and that the fanfic writers do not have a universal understanding of fandom fantasies?

Are we really at a point where we throw concepts of quality out the window and are actually actively requesting shitty fic just because it strokes the readers' ego? WTF? What is happening?

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So, my apartment has a plumbing problem, and it seems like it's affecting everyone. In short, the water is backed into the shower and it's over flowed in the shower stall, which means I just spent the better part of my evening mopping sewage water off the bathroom floor. The landlord has shut down the water pipes, so at least there's no water incoming anymore, but this means I'm gonna have to figure out how to live without running water until professional plumbers can come and fix everything. Ick.

Of course, seeing as it's the weekend, this shit's probably not gonna get resolved until Monday. Ugh.



Sep. 15th, 2017 05:51 pm
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Wait, what? I stepped into PvP after half a year and suddenly all the daily PvP achievements changed. No more winning as blank class, now it's participate in tournament, join ranked match, blah blah blah. Noooooooo. But I don't wanna!

Gimme back my easy PvP dailies so I can continue earning points towards the stupid reward tracks. ;_;

(At least there's still WvW reward tracks. It's slower, but...oh well, faster than the newly revamped PvP reward tracks.)


Sep. 8th, 2017 02:37 pm
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I just got my new HDMI cord from Newegg today and plugged my monitor into the HDMI output from the graphics card.

GW2 is noticeably sharper. Holy EFF. It looks good.

Now, realize, this is because I've been using the VGA signal all this time, because I didn't have a spare HDMI cable, which was costing around $15 last time I checked. But then I found a deal on Newegg that sold the a cord for $3, so I snapped it up and boy am I ever glad I did. Yay! Very well spent $3.

Everything is so sharp. So shiny!

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So, recently, I've been messing around in the innards of my desktop PC and have been reading up on how to improve performance. In my search of trying to figure out when I should upgrade, how much mounting a drive from C: to another drive would slow down the system (a continued unanswered question, by the way...), how to move installed programs with mklink (not sure it's worth the headache of keeping track of all the links), I happened upon many, many "experts" talking about putting their awesome rig in a RAID setup.

So naturally, I'm like...what? After hours, I finally found a decent explanation of how RAID is set up. Ah, I say. That sounds impressive, should I attempt it? I mean, my current motherboard is RAID capable...maybe I should use that function.


Then I came across Why RAID is usually a Terrible Idea. "Oh," I say to myself, "guess that makes sense. I'll just stick to the good ol' AHCI."

But then...I read THIS: OMFG so much quote, click to see full text )

No, you fucking idiot. That's not how statistics work. First, the failure rate of any single drive is, as you cited, 1.72%. Each drive's chance of failure is independent. But the chance of the array to fail, is NOT. To calculate the chance of failure of the array, you first have to calculate the probability of the array NOT failing. And that probability is the multiplied total of all of the disks in the array being successful. In the two disk example:

(1-1.72%)*(1-1.72%) = 0.9828*0.9828 = 0.9659

Now you subtract that from 1 to get your chance of failure for the entire array:

1-0.9659 = 0.0341

Or 3.41% chance of failure. If you have 200+ fucking disks, then the chance of one of them fails asymptotically approach 100% because you have to multiply the fucking chance of success you fucking idiot. Augh!

Edit: OMFG, I realized the photobucket no longer allows for hot linking to 3rd party websites anymore. Great. I have to change my mood theme and can no longer use my previous onion head mood theme anymore. I am NOT happy.

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So, until the add-on fixes itself, I guess I'll just have to use this jury rigged userChrome.css code for a temporary fix. *sadface*


Edit to add:
Given that Firefox 57 is going to do away with all extensions, I'm getting pretty nervous what this means for my browsing ecosystem. I've already switched over to the Zotero standalone program and installed the Zotero-Firefox plugin instead of using the Firefox extension to make sure all of my research organization remains accessible. However, there doesn't seem to be a greasemonkey webextension anytime in the future (at least not one that I can find) and even less are the No-Script and uBlockOrigin's extensions, which makes me question what this all means. It also makes me wonder if I shouldn't start switching over the Opera at this point, since Firefox is going to be a completely new experience in 2 more iterations.

Point is, all this change is making me very uncomfortable. Ugh, I'm so old. ;_;

Edit2 to add:
Fuck it. I'm switching over to Opera as my main browser. >.<
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I just looked at new GW2 armor for PoF.

OMFG, that is ugly as sin! Why? Why is armor so fugly?!

Edit to add: In completely other fandom rant, just read a Kotaku article on how FFVII is the widely revered game it became because of its weirdness and had a mild conniption.

No, idiot. FFVII became widely revered because it paid attention to detail, such as making an NPC like one of your party members and then coding it so that he wouldn't attack her during battles. FFVII became widely revered because it had a lot of things to say, from the dangers of corporate consumerism culture to the imperial tendency of the West to what makes a hero to criticizing the player base and saying "This loser is you, with your power fantasy and do-nothing attitude; but you can still over come if you just try." FFVII was widely revered because it paid attention to the gaming meta and consciously criticized it. FFVII was widely revered because it decided to challenge the storytelling formula and tried to do something new. And finally, FFVII was widely revered because it pushed the technology to its fullest and wasn't afraid to experiment and do something new mechanically, artistically, and narratively.

So no, fuckers. FFVII wasn't amazing because it was weird or didn't take itself seriously. It was revered because the writers were willing to buckle down and write a genuinely good story, the editors reined in the id and forced writers to cut-out stupid story choices, and the programmers coded contingencies into the game for every possible choice you could make.

So fuck you and your "FFVII was weird" bullshit. I'd write more, but I have work, so maybe another time. And also I can only hope the new FFVII Remake is as nearly good as the original. *fingers crossed*

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